All day at home

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If the greater part of your day is spent at home you will undoubtedly need more space. Whether you are at home because that’s where you work, you are person of leisure, or you have a young family, you will inevitably collect more belongings,   bring home more reading matter, and require more storage. You will want your home to be both efficient and pleasant, with a generous feeling of space and a high level of comfort. To personalize you environment consider customizing your furniture and wall decoration with decorative painting, antiquing, and hand stenciling.

Arrange several different areas so that you can organize a variety of activities during the day. Plan a space for relaxing, a space for a desk or other work , and an efficient kitchen so that cooking can be enjoyed . If you spend a lot of time cooking you will want plenty of storage and a generous worktop area. If you have a creative hoppy you will need space to spread out, and storage for tools and materials. If you have young children who keep you at home for much of the day you will need somewhere to relax while they play. See that there is adequate, accessible storage for daily things such as newspapers and magazines, cooking utensils, CDs, DVDs.


"You will want your home to be both efficient and pleasant, with a generous feeling of space and a high level of comfort."




Out all day


If you go out to work and , in particular , if you like to eat out or party in the evenings , the problems of storage will be fewer because you won’t be so likely to accumulate the everyday detritus that builds up if you are at home all day . This sparser environment offers opportunities to display objects of desire such as paintings, sculptures, pieces of glass or ceramics, or textiles.

If meals are taken on the hoof you may not be keen to spend time on elaborate cooking techniques but would like to be able to heat up prepared or frozen foods quickly. The working part of the kitchen need take up much less space – perhaps you will only need a microwave instead of a conventional oven, for example. Breakfast and late snacks can be eaten at a breakfast bar in the kitchen. A family out at work and school all day will also require quick cooking facilities, but may want a table where meals can be taken together.

Since the time you spend at home will mostly be for relaxing, your TV, music, and entertainment center will probably take a prominent place in the living room. You may also require a dining table large enough for a dinner party. Make space for useful items such as a console table for putting the post on and a handy trash can for any junk mail.


"Provide an area where you can come home after a long day and sink into a comfortable chair with a drink and music or a favorite TV programme."


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