All About Working out and Maintaining Balance during the Holy Month

Yoga instructor Nerine Massoud tells us all about her Ramadan routine, giving us priceless tips on how to maintain a healthy balance during the Holy Month.

What is the best time to work out during Ramadan?

Those last few hours before Iftar are a killer for me, so working out for an hour right before suhoor is the best. Part of practicing yoga is to listen to your body, so this is the most important thing in all this is. If it feels good go for it, if something feels off, stop.

What is the best kind of exercise to do in Ramadan?

I think this depends on what your regular practice is like. Since your body needs to adapt to fasting, it is always best to start off with something low in intensity and see how you feel.
What are your tips for staying hydrated during Ramadan?

Tricky! You are supposed to consume at least 2-3 liters of water a day so I always fill up a 1.5 Liter bottle and try to finish it before I sleep. I also avoid eating salty food, especially at night.

What are your eating habits like in Ramadan?

I break my fast with dates and Arabic Coffee. Then I gradually have soup, then work my way into smaller portions of protein and veggies. Before the occasional dessert, I’ll make sure my water bottle is filled and I would have had some fruit. I normally don’t wake up for Suhoor because it disrupts my sleep, so I’ll have Rayeb or overnight Oats with fruit and yoghurt.


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