Aliens appear in Cairo! Will the world end in 2018?

It has only been few days post New Year’s Eve and Cairo is already shaking with some eerie news! Do Aliens exist? It seems like they might be landing here soon. Yes, you’ve read that right.

There have been a series of videos circulating on social media revealing that there might be a sign of UFOs hovering over the streets of Cairo. Everybody is going crazy trying to decode this weird phenomena and find a sane explanation to what is going on in Cairo.

هنقضيها سلالم بعد كده..

Posted by Gihan Auf on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In the midst of all this attention online, the videos have been receiving many comments believing that this might be the apocalypse, however many believed that these videos might be fabricated.  

This is not the first time UFOs allegedly appear in Cairo, last year a video went viral showing a UFO fleet hovering over the Pyramids of Giza. Alien theorists often point to the fact that these three perfect Pyramids were built by aliens not human being.  The existence of these creatures has caused a huge debate and controversy among humans for centuries. However there still hasn’t been that many compelling evidence of alien existence on Earth.

حد يفهمني ايه ده بسرعة ؟

Posted by Omar Eltobgi on Thursday, January 4, 2018

If aliens are really coming to planet pyramids, do you think they’ll be able to survive? Aliens will never be able to find a parking spot for their UFOs in crazy Cairo and will fail completely negotiating with the Sayes. They will die trying to understand Egypt’s GPS where all roads lead to Dar Elsalam. They’ll also develop Egyptian magic skills, passing through the Ring Road after dark without getting hit.

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Do you think these videos could be proof of alien existence in Egypt? Will the world really end in 2018 or is it the beginning of a new era? Stay tuned for more updates from our curious team!

See more of the videos that have been circulating the internet here: 

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