Our quirky obsession in the city

Alchemy is our new obsession. The restaurant/bar is all what you need to chill and unwind after a crazy day in the city. Sophisticated and quirky, we were thrilled to know that several artists contributed to come up with this place’s incredible décor, even the menu illustration was a result of an artistic vision!

We had a lovely dinner with Alchemy’s cool and hospitable PR team who are also the ones managing Cairo Jazz Club. We tried out their delicious Cajun Potatoes with Sour Cream, Pesto, and Guacamole dips from their Apprentice Bites. Their ‘Golden Fantasies’ section of the menu is superb. They have very special mouthwatering steak which is highly recommended for steak lovers. Whether you have a sweet tooth or your more into sour bites, you’ll love their spicy chocolate fondue. Yes you read it right! Go to Alchemy if you have a date, a girl’s night out or a midday lunch meeting.

Alchemy is located at 8 Amman Square, Dokki, Cairo.

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