Air Bridge Network™ ventures into their second assembly

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Nayera Fadel “The second workshop witnessed great enthusiasm from almost 25 amazing ladies who wish to conquer the business society and learn from their predecessors. “
Nayera Fadel, founder of the Air Bridge Network announced today that the second Air Bridge assembly was quite successful. The discussion was held via video conference for the second time and being in the telecom/IT industry herself, Fadel confirmed that Air Bridge network aims to utilize the latest technology to engage in the latest global developments. Maadi City Center sponsored and hosted the first assembly and having a good understanding of the significance of the program was ready to host a second session and give it all the backing they can endow.
Air Bridge seeks to create unity and change in the face of businesswomen community in Egypt.  The current agenda of Air Bridge network involves the mentorship of both local and internationally based women who have great skills and success stories to share with the group in Egypt. The mentor of the second assembly on October 27th wasJulie Lenzer Kirk. Kirk harnesses her experience as a successful and award-winning IT entrepreneur to assist others in realizing their dream of entrepreneurship and taking their already-established entrepreneurial companies to the next level. Kirk is President of Path Forward International, which provides keynotes, workshops, and consulting to give entrepreneurial companies and individuals a "Boot in the Butt™" to launch new ideas, grow existing ventures, find their work/life balance, and fine-tune their leadership skills. She is a sought-after speaker on topics of entrepreneurship, business management and leadership, and balancing work and family.
For five hours, the group shared various debatable topics with the mentor and touched upon several concurrent issues including the latest financial recession and its impact on different businesses. Kirk emphasized the importance of realizing opportunities even at hard times and address challenges without labeling them as obstacles. The group also learnt about Kirk’s experience and advice in multi tasking, managing time between work and family and talked about the key ingredients of starting up a successful entrepreneurial venture. Julie also spoke about the importance of creating the right culture in the business to be able to professionally do the job while growing into different markets. Further the ladies demonstrated their interest in communication while Julie highlighted how blogging can be an excellent tool to stimulate dialogue and to acquire new clients.
Kirk expressed how impressed she was with the group’s enthusiasm and stated: “Even from across an ocean, I could feel the positive energy in the room. Great things happen when you bring a group of smart, goal-oriented women together!”
Fadel concluded the meeting by highlighting the importance of creating the right energy to make a real change on both the professional and personal levels “we need to open up, believe in our potential and always have positive thoughts so that opportunities are created for us and quoting Kirk “we should never underestimate the power of a small group”.
Air Bridge Network is a local initiative yet it has global reach through the Vital Voices network which Fadel is now a part of. During November Air Bridge is meeting with delegations coming through Vital Voices and creating synergies & local affiliations that can only propel its objective and make a pool of resources in one place. The network is expanding and will create the right mold to start the New Year with.
For more information, please contact:
Nayera Fadel
Founder – Air Bridge Network
Mobile: +2.012.3117797
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