Air Bridge Network Debuts with Impressive Results and a Distinguished Assembly of Egyptian Businesswomen

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Cairo, August 20, 2008 – Air-Bridge Network announced today the inauguration of it’s first workshop for women in Egypt.  The debut of Air Bridge Network was a day to mark the beginnings of a momentum that will build up to create unity and change in the face of businesswomen community in Egypt, said Nayera Fadel, founder of Air Bridge Network.  In the Egyptian culture and business environment originates the wealth of knowledge that is core to take on the disparities that exist in our global environment today.  The knowledge can be found in a huge number of accomplished Egyptian businesswomen.  They go on their endeavors and make notable achievements with an aptitude that is so inspiring.  The seriousness and integrity they master their work doesn’t give much room for all of them to get together and share what they know best, added Fadel.


It was with this awareness that Air Bridge Network idea was formulated.  The circumstance of its inception is formidable too.  Fadel was selected in April-May 2008from Egypt to participate in a program FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership, administered by Vital Voices, a preeminent non-governmental organization with an impressive board of directors, honorary chair Hillary Rodham Clinton (US Senator and Former First Lady) and chair of the board, Melanne Verveer (Former Assistant to the US President & Chief of Staff to the First Lady) to name a few.  Fadel was matched with Jocelyne Attal, Avaya’s Chief Marketing Officer.  It was during the time of the mentorship that she came up with the idea of a workshop where Attal would mentor-at-large.  Attal a visionary in her own right readily agreed and so Fadel on her return started putting it together and branded it ‘Air Bridge Network.’  "Nayera was an exceptional member of the Fortune/US State Department program.  Her vision in developing Air Bridge demonstrates her strong talents and commitment to business women around the world," said Jocelyne Attal, Avaya CMO.  "I believe this initial endeavor is just the tip of what Air Bridge can accomplish and that we will all be hearing about Nayera and her work for years to come." 


The workshop was sponsored by both US: Avaya and Egypt: Maadi City Center where the second Egyptian program participant works.  Maadi City Center having a good understanding of the significance of the program was ready to host a start-up venture and give it all the backing they can endow.  Fadel hand-picked the ladies who would represent Egyptian businesswomen and make up the first workshop of Air Bridge Network.  I personally knew that we have in Egypt amazing businesswomen who are running low under the radar, yet my expectations where surpassed when they were all in the same room together, disclosed Fadel.  The workshop started by a five-hour open dialogue with a discussion via video conference with Attal on an agenda of topics suggested by the participants, moderated by Fadel.  Global disparities and understanding is a two-way lane and having the power created by a group of accomplished ladies from around the World is crucial to bridging that gap.  Air Bridge Network is a local initiative yet it has global reach through the Vital Voices network where Fadel is now a part of.

 It is noteworthy to mention that the idea of the program FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership came to Dina Habib Powell, an Egyptian American and former US Assistant Secretary of State, who believes that women are the greatest catalysts to change.  So the idea is taking its natural course in

Egypt and progressing to a venture that can take that notion to another reality and make it stronger.


Air Bridge Network is continuing activities put-forth by its participants during September and plans to bring women leaders from around the globe to its future workshops with Attal as chief mentor.



For more information, please contact:

Nayera Fadel

Founder – Air Bridge Network

Mobile: +2.012.3117797



About Air Bridge Network:

Air Bridge Network is a venture that came about through Nayera Fadel’s participation in the FORTUNE/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership.  Its aim is to create an open, supportive environment that values women and celebrates their achievements.  Its vision is to continue to cultivate a network that will help businesswomen effectively and confidently communicate what they do and how it is of value to others.  It is through Air Bridge Network workshops that hot button issues are discussed bringing forth what is really going through the business minds of all women around the globe. 


Trying to realize the understanding of local issues without the working global perspective and vice versa leads to a limited outlook, while getting both creates the full view and integration of all resources and energy.  The main resource for anything is always the human-being and getting every human on board with the ‘full view’ will generate the input necessary to bridge disparities of our global community.  The workshops provide the opportunity to understand our worlds better through each other, then in that context to understand ourselves better.  When we can see the World, see how other people live and what they think, it helps add up to who we are as professionals and allows every one of us to do every single job in that full spectrum of light rather than one ray of light.


These talks, enriches every person and allows us to raise the bar, to do well and better at times, to seek help and assist others where we can.  This connection is what will preserve, enhance and make us realize our full potential as beings living together in this globe.  Air Bridge Network falls under the umbrella of the Village Development Association which was founded since 1974.  The association has a history of its contributions and continued activities to help our society in advancing.

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