AI in Action: Witness Egypt’s Innovative Approach To Mummy Restoration

These days, AI is being used for pretty much everything imaginable whether as an intelligent chatbot that can answer all your questions and queries or as a detector of early breast cancer. These abilities are already quite impressive but they barely scratch the surface at what this technology is capable of. Today, the tech has become so sophisticated that AI is being used to restore one of the most ancient aspects of humanity, the mummy.

In a first, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched a 3-day workshop dedicated to using nuclear, radiological and artificial intelligence techniques to restore ancient mummies as well as other human remains. In attendance is a group of distinguished experts and specialists hailing from the authority, the ministry, and the prestigious Faculty of Archeology at Cairo University.

By relying on AI, scientists and archaeologists will have access to an non-invasive approach to studying mummies. During the workshop which will be held in a laboratory, participants in attendance will have access to state-of-the-art technology that will help them examine and maintain human remains without harming them.

The director of the Mummies Restoration Department, Rania Ahmed, said that this new technology is going to “go beyond preparing videos or reconstructing faces as it will also be used in restoration work.”

The entire initiative is in line with the latest scientific advancements that move beyond conventional practices. Through this innovative approach that relies on AI, mummy restoration can help to safeguard Egypt’s cultural heritage.

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