AI Apps That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Ever since ChatGPT was introduced to the masses, everyone began hopping onto the AI bandwagon. Today, we don’t just have access to a smart chatbot that can answer any and every question imaginable, AI also helps us with many other daily tasks and activities. In this article, we will take a look at some of the coolest AI apps that are there to make your life much easier.


AI isn’t just about dropping you nuggets of useful information or generating cool digital art, the technology has grown so much that today, there are AI chatbot therapist apps. That means that when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, you can whip out your phone, open the app and immediately try talking to the AI chatbot therapist.

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Knowing that being mentally down means that it is hard to put effort, the app is very accommodating  by having users select responses from a list rather than typing up their messages to the chatbot. The more you talk to the chatbot, the better it will be at understanding your problem and offering useful solutions.


With the summer season in full swing, we are all primed to plan out our holidays and vacations to make the most of the sunny weather. Using JourneyGenie, an AI-driven travel app, that planning process becomes 10 times easier. It will first get to know you by asking you some questions related to your interests, travel dates and budget and from there, it then creates optimized itineraries, suggests the best travel routes and offers real-time travel information.

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This app is for anyone out there who wants to learn how to converse and present their work like a pro. It helps you ace job interviews and presentations but also teaches you to sound more confident in everyday conversation. It is basically an AI communication coach that works in real time meaning every time you speak, it will generate judgement free feedback like for example “slow down” or “stop rambling”.

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The best part about Yoodli AI is that it is completely private meaning that if you are using it during an online zoom presentation, only you will see its real-time generated feedback. Once you are done with your meeting or presentation, you’ll get a personalized report that will rate your pacing as well as include insights on how to sound more concise.

Starry AI

For the art aficionados out there, Starry AI helps to turn your artistic vision into a reality. Using this app, you can create AI generated art. All you need to do is to select the image style, either Altair (produces dream like images, more abstract) or Orion (produces realistic art).

Via Starry AI

From there you will simply type a prompt like for example “mesmerizing planets surrounding Earth” and then you can add any art style you like. It will then generate the artwork for you. A lot of the AI generated art is quite impressive, creative and artistic and through the prompt feature, users can create literally any work of art in mere minutes.

Open AI Jukebox

Beyond images and videos, AI is also known to create new music. This is an exciting feature of the technology as it allows users to generate new music in a wide range of genres and artist styles. For example, you can have Rihanna sing “Sahar El Layali” or Ariana Grande sing a Nancy Ajram song. The options are endless and make for new ways to create and experience music on a global scale.

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Whatever app or online platform you go for, you’ll get to experience the benefits and growing potential of AI and all the ways it can make your life much easier.





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