Ahmed Mourad: Commercial or Best Seller? 5 Reasons Why We Adore Him

It’s very rare when you find someone who doesn’t like Ahmed Mourad’s writing. Each one of the 5 books he has written is a page-turner on it’s own. Some bookworms might say that he is a “very commercial” author, but who said that being a best seller is a bad thing? Here are 5 reasons why we love his novels:

  • Simplicity and clarity

Mourad depends in his books on using a simple language that both juniors and young adults can read and understand easily. He writes using straight forward words that simply convey his messages.

  • Excitement

One of the most important elements in a novel is excitement! Mourad made a lot fans because of this element, which he used in a superb way in all of his novels.

  • History, history and more history

We start with 1919; the historical novel that talks about Egypt during the complicated times of British occupation, we move through to Land of God which talks thoroughly about Egyptian history, and finally, Diamond Dust which got the highest ratings among his 5 books on Goodreads (4.10/5).

  • Reality

Reality is a respectful way to communicate with readers in books. Mourad’s novels depend on reality, and this gives them a special place in people’s hearts. Fans are more interested in a novel or a movie that portrays reality than one that depends on fiction.

  • Hidden Messages

Related to the philosophical side, each one of Mourad’s books contains hidden messages for readers to understand his point of view. This can be about a certain topic in the book, or it can be the whole book, and this is why readers quote his writings often.





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