Ahmed Dawood “I guess women want Saber”

Through the past few years, Ahmed Dawood’s career has been escalated through home screens. He appeared in many TV serials like Sharbat Loz, Zay El Ward and Niran Sadiqa. His first cinematic experience was in 2010 through the film Walad & Bent.  He also participated in shorts and theatre.  Today, Dawood is the most talked about actor. And Saber is the most talked about TV character. His role in last Ramadan’s Segn El Nesa was outstanding and incredible. After few episodes, Dawood was able to attain public’s attention. Everyone had this love/hate relationship with him.

“I guess women want Saber”, he laughs, “I’ve done lots of other roles throughout my career and boom! Everyone was talking about Saber”, he adds.

When an actor attains great success, they tend to get very cautious while choosing new scripts and projects, but Dawood had something else to say, “believe it or not, before Segn El Nesa is like after. It all depends on my excitement towards the project”, he says.

Dawood’s first experience with Director Kamla Abu Zekry started before Segn El Nesa with a film called ‘Yom Lel Setat’, which they are still shooting. “Kamla is one of the best directors who build a strong relationship with their actors. She likes taking risks and she transformed my skin when it comes to my career”, he says.

Unlike some young actors in the field today, Dawood doesn’t like to focus on anything else other than acting, “There is a job for everyone on set. There is a producer, a director and there is me; the actor. I have no ambition to do anything outside the acting scope. I’m not that artist who has an ambition of producing some day. I come to do my job and that’s it”, he says.

The young actor believes in hard work, and he is always ready for anything new, “I believe in coaching, the actor coach helps you reach that extra mile. Your personal character is limited, so you need to stretch it out by getting regularly coached”, he comments.

After some Egyptian actors went international and others received awards abroad, Dawood still thinks that being homegrown is the key to any start anywhere. “To have the dream of working abroad is very difficult. In the end, you are just an outsider. You have to start with a successful project in Egypt that takes you outside in a successful way”, he explains. 

Dawood is also a young father to a beautiful girl. He believes that having kids is a whole new life experience, “I benefited from being a father in every aspect of life, including my career. Fatherhood lightens up different features in you, which you never thought existed”, he tells.

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