Ahl Masr Releases Moving New Video! #شوف_بقلبك #SeeWithYourHeart

Ahl Masr keeps surprising us with their clever ways of getting people to give back. We have spoken before with Heba El Sewedy about Ahl Masr, their history, their approach to helping burn victims and their future; the hospital they’re building and what they plan on doing in the future.

“The star-studded video shows the true meaning of love and compassion”

In addition to their collaborations with many Egyptian businesses, as well as their extremely successful concert with Magida El Roumy, they have made a music video with Hisham Kharma! The star-studded video shows the true meaning of love and compassion, with the celebrities and musicians shown dancing and playing with burn victims. The song by Hisham Kharma featuring Bushra, Hany El Dakkak, Nesma Herky and Zigzag, is amazing on its own, and its also combined by a video which encourages viewers to look past the physical and see with their hearts. We’re very happy with this production and hope Ahl Masr’s burn hospital is built sooner than later.


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