A Trip Down Youtube’s 2014 Memory Lane

As the year comes to an end, Youtube once again compiles a list of videos that made it to their most watched count in the MENA region. Here’s a list of some of 2014’s top 10 most trending advertisements, music videos, memes and moments that made up the epic year:









1. Explore pyramids of Giza with Google Maps

An intriguing advertisement that makes even the least patriotic soul proud to be an Egyptian.

2. Hussein Al-Jasmi’s Bushret Kheir

We’ve heard it, danced to it, got sick of it and even had it fashioned into lame commercials but you can’t deny how much it makes you want to shake.

3. Sherine Abdelwahab’s Ana Koly Melkak

You either love her or hate her, but either way we’re all familiar with the Arab region’s love for Sherine’s emotion-filled lyrics, and this one is about to explode with love.

4. Pepsi and Chipsy Ramadan ad

As always, Pepsi touches on a delicate spot in us, memories. Reminiscent of great times, Pepsi and Chipsy’s ad was one of our Ramadan favorites.

5. Hassan El Shafei ft. Abla Fahita- Mayestahlushi

The official 2014 summer soundtrack. If you spent your summer in Sahel then you probably know each and every word to the strangely addicting melody.

6. Coca Cola World Cup ad

How many Gomaa’s can you fit in one ad?

7. Amr Diab’s Ana Mosh Anani

The singing sensation’s album was a hit, but apparently audiences favored the one about being selfless. Says a lot about us doesn’t it?

8. Telecom Egypt

It’s actually been proved that advertisements touching on memories and emotions are the most effective, and this one goes back 160 years down communications memory lane.

9. Al-Bernameg season 3 episode 3

The sudden halt of the satirical show caused audiences to quickly tune in and find out what it was that pushed the networks buttons.

10. MBC The Voice season 2- Beredaak Marwa Naagi

Many contestants thought they could master a song sung by the late legend Om Koulthoum, and many have failed miserably, but Marwa Naagi is the one seldom found exception to the rule. The four judges were blown away and so were we. Talk about real talent! 

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