A Salute to Stay-at- Home Moms… You Rock!

Sitting on the tip of that cold cold bath tub could be really harsh, but she sits there and she waits and waits for so long she can no longer feel her legs – and even though the smells may not be that nice, and the nature of the actions taking place may not be that exciting, and in her head she pictures herself in a 100 different other places doing all those amazing stuff – she still continues to sit, wait and watch. Just when she is about to give up; the miracle happens, and she can tell by the happy face in front of her, and of course the smells! She gets up and does the happy dance; talks about how proud she is and about all those rewards she is about to give out as a token of happiness and appreciation… you know potty training is as hard as rocket science! Do you understand how hard it is to convince a wild, free baby to actually sit on a ceramic seat and poop?

The above scene has happened and will happen 1000 times a day across the world – this is a happy mommy day – this is an accomplishment. Just a few months back I would have never written what I am about to write down here – and maybe a few months from now I will take it all back and claim I was drugged! Nevertheless, today I need to get it off my chest, and I need to scream it out loud – I need to give them mommies (and myself) the credit they deserve. It is impossible to deny or even argue that it’s a HUGE accomplishment to get married, stay married, run your own household and raise those kids.

I can see those boos coming by way – but hear me out. I have been working for over 15 years, and I have been to places and have taken good positions and I have jumped stairs to become one of the youngest, female department heads at one of the most reputable organizations in the country when I was only 33! I know exactly the struggles of a working woman, and I know how hard it is to keep that house running and how she strives every single day to maintain the job of her dreams. I understand the battles she goes through and all the fights she has to stand against bureaucracy or sick minded people, let alone her survival wars in a man’s world. I know how it feels to get that pitch, or give this kickass presentation to a room filled with VPs – let alone being the bench mark to your young team, they look up to you, you train them, and they become forever grateful. Poop in the toilet, trust me, is that cool and much more satisfying.

I dropped it all. In fact, I was forced to drop it all by all those mean, vicious souls that appear once you have made it to the beginning of the top. I slept in my bed for days, not wanting to wake up – praying to god they all die for making me suffer and hate myself, my work, my career, everything I worked so hard for. Then one day, my 7-year-old girl climbed into my bed, she kissed me and told me it’s all going to be ok and that she wants me to drive her to school today. I got up and got dressed – never returned to this bed again.

The little things I as a career woman never looked at, and underestimated! Things like fighting traffic to make it to school on time, or to the training on time. Or making ‘real friends’ – this group of amazing mothers who get up every morning to cook, clean, prepare, and move to the club to sit for hours in front of their children’s practice. They are a support group, they will catch you when you fall and make sure you never fail. They will make you laugh and hug you when you cry – unlike many I have met across my career whom would laugh at your fall and make sure you shed them tears every night! Things like enjoying morning movies while the kids are at school, or playing cards with your kids for 10 minutes before their bed! The smile on their faces when you say yes they can watch one more episode while dining or picking up my baby girl from school, and her nonstop one sided conversation about how her day went today. Things I have always missed – I was trapped in a glass box – I thought it was heaven. You know what, with some water and a strong headache pain killer, my baby’s chatter is 100% better than those long meaningless meetings in the glass box.

Being married in a country with a deteriorating economy is one hell of a job! Housewives will spend hours creating budgets, skimming through every offer on the internet to make sure they have the best deals. Mothers will teach children how to keep their stuff clean, tidy and neat (something I am still failing at myself!). In the world of housewives I have seen some of the best negotiators, budgeters, amazing communication skills, perfect commitment and a great deal of hardcore management skills. I have met CEOs who lack half of these traits!

She would set a budget, and stick to it – and make sure nothing is missing! She would create a plan, prepare timelines, and never is she 1 minute late – she would talk her kids into being amazing citizens and she would sometimes apply some penalties for those who do not comply! She has a list of vendors and trusted suppliers that meet her deadlines and give her perfectly done jobs better then most of the procurement departments I have worked with across the years.

I may agree that getting married in its literal meaning may not be the greatest accomplishment, but keeping that marriage and raising those kids in my opinion is one of the greatest life accomplishments! If one day I may return to the glass box, but then I am stronger and happier with my priorities set right – family first always.  Salute to them mothers – maybe one day I will become you!




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