A Rebel on Insanity

I didn’t want to reach the end of my life realizing I let somebody program me to be a “Good Dog”


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”,Albert Einstein

I always wondered why some people dramatically changed their life, life itself is insane, and it often surprises us with unpleasant and uncontrollable events, so why would we do it to ourselves? Why risk everything, why leave the safe shore and jump into the waves?

Two years ago, I was feeling unhappy. I had almost everything anyone could wish for; a great job, amazing friends, loving family, I was healthy, fit, good-looking, and I had a great social life. If anything was missing I didn’t mind because I always believed you couldn’t have it all!

I was unable to identify what was wrong, I worked hard for everything I had in my life, I appreciated what I possessed, I was content and I counted my blessings everyday! But I couldn’t help feeling that something was missing.

As things deteriorated, I started to be a loner; I became lazy, and simply lost interest in almost everything I liked. I started to push people away, even my closest friends, I was clearly depressed.

I didn’t give up for long, I decided to fight and take a positive attitude towards my unhappiness by accomplishing things I always wanted to do, I started with the passion of creating my own furniture brand “Affairs”, I focused more on my hobbies and detoxed my life from anything or anyone that didn’t bring me positive energy.

 I felt better but, I still wasn’t happy.

I was always rebellious, but smothered by society’s expectations I discovered that I was living the life that society had always told me to live. “Find a secure job, work hard, work your way up the ladder, start a family”, they would say. I suddenly realized that many of my personal preferences were based on nothing more that other people views of “acceptable”. It was a scary wake up call for setting my own standards. I didn’t want to reach the end of my life realizing that I let somebody else program me to be a “Good Dog”.

I was walking the path of a pre-designed life that we should all follow somehow, and the funny thing is that I thought I wasn’t. The truth is I discovered that many people spend their lifetime looking for something, trying to figure out things, but are often mislead with what they have, or with the image the society and their social circle assume or decide for them as the equation of happiness!

I asked myself some questions:Is my destiny pre-planned or do I have choice? What do I absolutely love in life? What would I stand for if I knew no one would judge me? If my life had absolutely no limits and I could have it all and do whatever I wanted, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

I can live by default or take control and create the life Iwant. It all starts with a thought, or intent, which when mixed with emotion, becomes a powerful creative force.I found my answers and I decided to start my adventure, to leave the shore and jump!

I promised myself that from that day I shall liberate myself, set up my own rules, create my own designed pattern, and live the way I choose to be. I was determined and I knew what I wanted, and that was enough.

“I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery” Jean Jacques Rousseau


Rasha Rashad is a blogger and a designer behind the hot Egyptian furniture brand Affairs

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