Is there such a thing as right and wrong?

This species of ours is obsessed with labeling every single aspect of our lives with two words; right and wrong.

We talk, act, think, preach, judge and even breathe based on what we perceive to be right and wrong. We categorize what is “right” as something that will supposedly end well and what is “wrong” as something that will bring remorse and pain.Every single day, we say and hear phrases like “That was the right thing to do,” “But that’s not right,” and “The right decision is…”

We are obsessed with labeling and categorizing every aspect of our lives, and the lives of others as well, with virtual signs that blink the words “right” or “wrong”, hoping that it will make it easier for us to distinguish our heads from our feet.

In this light, please allow me to ask you a question.Did it ever cross your mind that this “habit” is just an easy way out of actually making the effort to think and decide for yourself if something is indeed “right” or “wrong”?

Well, I thought about it and I have come up with a different theory; a different ideology and credo that I personally follow: There is no such thing as right and wrong!


In actuality, things just are. Decisions, actions, habits, thoughts, beliefs, and the list goes on and on.All of the above, every single aspect of our individual lives, just is, and every single aspect of our individual lives has its pros and cons. In its entirety and as a general rule, there are good sides and bad sides to simply everything! There is something “right” and something “wrong” about everything! There are decisions and there are consequences; good and bad.There are choices and there are after effects, good and bad.There are actions and there are reactions, good and bad.And that is the only rule that truly makes any kind of sense.

Even “bad” habits fall under this category. Off the top of my head, we are taught that biting your nails, for example, is a bad habit. If you were to apply the “just is” rule on this habit, you will reach a conclusion along the following lines (or at least that is what my head could fathom):

Indeed, biting your nails has its unhealthy outcomes; be them ugly-looking fingers or infections, etc. But isn’t the time spent biting your nails satisfying? Doesn’t it answer to an urge or a need for you to do it and, thus, put your mind at ease at a time of stress or thoughtfulness or whatever it is that triggers that habit in a person?

Looking on the other side of the matter; take eating healthy as an example. Yes, indeed, eating healthy is good for you! But, in making that decision, to eat healthy aren’t you depriving yourself of ever tasting the not-so-healthy food that you love?

Decision. Consequence.

Choice. Aftereffect.

Action. Reaction.

That’s all it boils down to. That’s all there really is.

Making choices and decisions based on what is perceived to be right and wrong just isn’t.Well, for lack of a better word; right!

There are no rights and wrongs. There are decisions and consequences. Choices and aftereffects.Actions and reactions.

All you have to do is:Think!


It’s all in My Head is a series of thoughts and opinions that our very own Yusra Badr has written.

” It’s All In My Head” is out now!

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