A Million Dollar Pregnancy

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Looking after yourself and your husband is hard enough – but when a baby comes into the equation suddenly you find there is something extra to keep a healthy and happy – you, your husband and the bump!


So what is the secret to staying happy and satisfied, while feeling content with your growing body while managing all the symptoms of pregnancy?


Believe it or not, during pregnancy a woman’s body releases hormones that can make her feel happy and calm. This can have a really positive effect on your mood – unlike the menstrual hormones that you might be used to every month, which put you in a bad temper and make you quarrel with your husband!


Here is a list of tips to make you feel like a million dollars during each trimester of your pregnancy:


  1. Keep your taste in clothes simple

Don’t overdo your outfits when you’re pregnant. Focus on the radiant glow given off by your face and your skin – not on your growing tummy. Stick to clean, simple lines and classic cuts and steer clear of large and busy patterns that make your curvy frame look strange. Wear solid colors and add a patterned scarf or fun jewelry to increase your glow even more!


2.  Accentuate the positive

So now your body is growing and growing, the best way to make yourself look good is to accentuate the growing belly! You don’t look fat when you are pregnant which is one big advantage, even though you are now gaining weight fast. Wear a slightly lower neckline as your breasts are growing to show off your new sexy cleavage or wear a blouse that clings to show your growing belly. Take pride in your beautiful pregnant body.


3. Revolutionize Your Hair

The happy hormones are kicking in as you grow bigger and bigger, and guess what? These hormones do give you a radiant glow, smooth skin, and the fabulous hair! So be sure to make full use of it – if you have long hair, maybe now is the time to have a hair cut. It will be easier to care for and will draw attention to your eyes and face. If you have short or medium hair try growing it out so you can experiment with new upsweeps, braiding and hair clips!


4. Improve your posture

With all the changes in weight and gravity your body is going through, you may develop a bit of slouch as your pregnancy progresses. Avoid the tendency to push your hips far forward and slouch your shoulders, or to stick your belly out and throw your shoulders back as you walk. These postures can cause back strain. Instead keep your hips and shoulders in line as you walk, and keep your back straight by tucking a pillow behind you when you sit.


5. Nurture the radiance

So you’ve heard the stories about stretch marks and dry skin during pregnancy. So this is the time when you really have to pamper yourself with moisturizers! Moisturize daily and gently exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to keep your skin glowing and smooth. Protect your skin now and more than ever from the sun’s harmful rays by using sunscreen on your face and all exposed body parts whenever you’ll be out in the sun.


6. Soothe your Soles

Daily tasks like cleaning, cooking and working can make your feet sore and tired at any time, but when you are pregnant it feels even worse! So why not treat yourself to a nice pedicure and a foot massage? The doctor and nurse might even appreciate it while you are in labor!


Here is the WWW guide to the perfect foot rub: First soak your feet in warm water with a sprinkle of bath salts or liquid shower gel. Then, use an exfoliating scrub or loofah to remove the dead skin. Rinse your feet with cold water, trim your nails, and push back your cuticles. Moisturize and massage your feet, ankles and legs with a rich cream. Finally, polish your nails with a cheerful color, such as fire engine red or shocking pink. Finish with a top coat and Voila! Perfection…


7. Nice Nails in No Time

You might not have time for those weekly or fortnight nail makeovers, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live without pretty polished nails. Use one coat of sheer white or pink, keeping in mind that light colors dry more quickly than dark ones and don’t look as noticeable when they chip. Go natural – short bare nails are a thoroughly modern look. Just file them into a modern square shape with rounded edges. If you treat yourself to a salon manicure, then add a topcoat every other day. It will make your manicure last twice as long!


8. Ease up with an Exercise

As your body grows through to the third trimester, your back starts hurting more and more. Consider having a massage to untangle the knots and boost your circulation. Stretching and prenatal yoga are also good and you can do them at home even late in the pregnancy. Two moves which feel great: slow, deep bends from the hips as though you're trying to touch your toes (do this sitting down later in pregnancy) and cat/cows — a yoga pose in which you get on all fours and curl your back up like a cat's, then back inward like a cow's.


These treats can be enjoyed throughout the whole nine months of pregnancy. So why not take each one step by step – it will boost your mood and help you love every minute of your growing body! You know you won’t have time after the new arrival comes!




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