A Lifetime Message to Young Ladies in their 20s

The age of the twenties is a beautiful phase in any woman’s life. It is the time she develops her personality and creates a life path which she deserves and wants. She dreams of living with the right man and having the blessing of children and the social culture she wants to be part of. One crucially important thing that every young woman should also consider is having a career.

As a message to all young ladies in their 20s, having a career must be a necessity in your life and never an alternative depending on what life will offer you in the future. Your career should always come first before anything else, because your career is the only real thing that will remain with you forever and for good. There are many important reasons why you as a lady should consider having a career and should build up something for yourself.

First, having a career makes you build up a life of your own; it’s yours. This is the only true time which you invest in your character, in your mind and your independence in life. Your career is the only real part in your life where you will gain more than give. Yes, each job requires the giving of energy and conscience, however when you give your time to build up your career, you are truly gaining by investing in yourself.

Second, planning for your career and having a job is the only secure way to provide yourself with a source of income and gain the financial independence you want without relying on anyone else. No matter what happens, you will always be sure that you have a source of income to depend on and manage in the way you want. Even if your education isn’t the best, even if you currently have a job that doesn’t provide you with a sufficient salary, never give up searching for the right job you want and always be persistent to build up your own future. My first salary was 300 Egyptian pounds and there was even a time when I made only 150 Egyptian pounds. So having a small income is only a phase and by time, things will get better.

Third, gaining your own independence and having a suitable job will always provide you with greater social experiences. You will get to meet, know and learn from different people’s behaviors and be aware of what is new in this world in terms of social life, politics, religion, relationships and many other topics. Such an experience will spontaneously make you adapt to the changes in the world and go on smoothly with its flow. The more your adaptation to the environment, the easier it gets for you to react and make the decisions which best benefit you in any situation.

Besides, when the time comes for you to be a mommy, you will be able to raise your children and teach them the new life trends that familiarize them with the environment they live in. Furthermore, your children will get to learn from you how important it is to have dreams and goals and live a life that they need to fulfill. Don’t forget that children always look up to their parents.

Sometimes, it will be difficult to keep up with the daily stress at your job and manage other important aspects in your life, whether it’s your social life, marriage, children or any other. Always keep in mind, whatever happens and no matter how difficult and stressful life can be, it should never be a reason for you to quit and give up your career and independence. When you start experiencing such stress and you want to quit and give up, then it’s time for you to compare two things; the late working hours and the stressful stage you are going through during this particular time in your life, and a career and experience for your life time.

And since you are now in your twenties, you may start to settle down and get in a serious relationship ending up in marriage. It is important to make it clear to your partner that your career is essential and you will not quit it for any reason. If he agrees, appreciates and supports your life needs and desires, then he is a man to keep. If not, then you should reconsider the relationship you are in, no matter how much he loves you. Your partner should never keep you away from your life and dreams.

When you grow older, you will know that each person needs a source of support to lean and depend on during the difficult times in life. This support will always be your career since it will be a part of you which you created and invested effort, love and passion to achieve. Always remember and know that life is a journey created by your decisions and persistence, so live your life with all its ups and downs and enjoy it. Live your life to gain your independence and never give up your career as it will always be your true support system.

With love

Shereen Magdi


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