A Journey Inside Male Brain

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It must be a million times that you’ve had a fight with your “significant other” and couldn’t help thinking what the hell does he really want. Especially, when nothing you do seems to please him and you start thinking you’re not good enough. You then find yourself wishing you were able to read his mind so you’d know how he thinks. Sometimes you might wonder what men like and dislike, what they expect of you in a relation, what attracts them to women and what turns them off. Thinking that knowing this would lead you to become the perfect woman worthy of his incredible self. But if this is the case then it’s a huge mistake. It’s not you that’s not good enough; it’s him who’s extremely hard to please and should start looking for his very own robotic Stepford wife away from you.        
On the other hand, there are those men, few as they are, but who are reasonable and have REALISTIC expectations of the average Egyptian woman. They don’t ask much of you and are prepared to fall in love with you however you come. I managed to track down a few of them and had them tell me what they as men expect, like and dislike about women. They didn’t spill many secrets from Man Land but what they disclose is genuine, helpful and gives us all an idea about what REAL men want:
Ahmed Ragheb, 28, told me that “Most Egyptian women would drive any Egyptian man nuts; I would definitely expect that.” In a relationship he expects women to be understanding and patient. According to him, the perfect woman would be “Cute, Simple, Fun, a Girly girl (Daloo3a) and Smart.” He says he’s fortunate he found his own perfect woman. When asked what he considers a major turn off, he thought that “Airheads, Loud and Vulgar” women are the worst. What attracts him to a woman are her eyes and smile. He also thinks a way a woman dresses and talks, tells a lot about her.
Mostafa Naguib, 22 years, expects from women to take good care of their appearance. He wants a woman to keep him on his toes “through always keeping things interesting and wanting him one way or the other”. He thinks this helps avoid the relationship becoming stale. He expects a woman to take him to his limits by “daring him and asking more of him, to encourage him so he would do things he never thought he’d do.”
Karim Samir, 23 years, expects a woman to be friendly and to always put his feelings into her consideration. He expects women to be smart, to be well informed of the on goings of the world, in other worlds he expects a woman to be intellectual. He also expects of women to be more open minded than they are. When asked about turn offs he said “dirty nails”. He expects women’s nails to always be clean, trimmed and taken care of. And he is attracted to a woman if he felt he could trust her and can depend on.
Mohamed Al Borno, 30 years, expects a woman to believe in him and “inspire and help him do great good things.” He expects her to do crazy things with him every now and then such as “buy the ‘101 Things to Do before-you-die book’ and then planning one thing as a gift to him”. He is attracted to women who are fun, sweet, cheerful, supportive, ambitious and easy going. He also expected her to be able to make her own decisions “without blindly following others”. But he is turned off by women who have many male friends, which he thinks is easy to figure out “through her Facebook profile and photos”, being complicated, lacking honesty and integrity.
Wassim El Keylani, 21 years, expects from a woman in a relationship to be honest which he views as “the key to communication”. He expects a woman to be loyal, because he thinks loyalty gives a sense of security in the relationship. What attracts him most to women is self confidence. He thinks that “A girl with self confidence and no potentials can attract a guy more than a girl with potentials and no self confidence. It’s like a guy magnet”. On the other hand what turns him off is an over confident girl who tends to be “a bossy control freak”.
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