A Book Review for Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter

When was the last time you made a wish? And what was it? Before you answer, you must know that by wish we don’t mean those well-thought out, calculated wishes you make when your life is plagued by a major complexity. We mean the little things we unconsciously wish for as part of our daily routines. So, think again. Was it 2 minutes ago? Did you wish for 5 more extra minutes of sleep or that you hadn’t eaten that extra piece of cake last night?

If wishes were premium, we’d think a million times before we make them. But they aren’t, and we don’t. There is a certain recklessness to every time we ask God for a favor. It is like we know the sky’s doors will stand in the way of its receival, so we make as many as we can and we sometimes even forget what we wished for, with the contextual desire fading once the moment is over. But what would happen if every wish we made came true? Would we necessarily get what we actually want?

“Be Careful What You Wish For” by Alexandra Potter is a captivating novel that falls under the umbrella of chick-lit. It portrays a female protagonist, Heather Hamilton, who is always wishing her life could be just a little bit easier. All she asks for is to find a seat on the subway, a parking space or even a good hair day. And yet Heather remains to be a normal person with average luck until her path crosses with a gypsy that insists on selling her some supposedly lucky heather flowers. And once Heather takes them home, nothing is the same again. Suddenly, she finds a seat on the subway, a parking space, and her hair remains in perfect style. Upon noticing these signs, Heather begins to put it to the test and realizes that every wish she makes comes true!

Potter grants her main character a super power that in any one’s view is the key to all locked doors. And yet as it turns out, what we wish for isn’t necessarily what we need. A thought that raises the question; Are we ready to direct our lives in particular directions and have our impulsive momentary wishes happen in deed? Does Heather really want to be with her cute neighbor, whom she with all her heart wished for? Is everything she asked for all that she can ultimately be? There is a fine line between blessings and curses, and that fine line is that super power of hers.

Through a light flow of hilarious dialogues and a perfect dose of love complications, this romantic comedy with a touch of magical fiction, will give you a whole new view on how this world works. The greatest thing about this novel passing down wisdom in between the lines is it could turn you into a believer in fate whilst you are only turning through the pages thinking that you are just reading a good story.


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