Beauty Myths that are Total Nonsense

These are some beauty rules that we’ve been hearing nonstop while growing up. It may surprise you ladies, but we need to shake them off; they are all really far from the rules of logic.


Hair myths


1   If you pull a gray hair out, 3 will replace it

Fortunately, this is just a lie. If you think about it, it can’t be possible. The hair cell grows one hair bulb. And even of it’s pulled out it will be replaced with one, not three. However, once you start getting gray hair, it may seem that way. Once you see a gray strand of hair, there will most likely be another one ready to grow out. It has nothing to do with pulling it out. So if you want to get rid of your gray hair, you can easily dye it with ammonia free hair dye.


2    You can always repair split ends

Sorry to break it to you, but once it’s split, it’s split. You can never do anything about split ends except to trim your hair and get rid of them. There are no products whatsoever to help us fix our split ends. If it happens, nothing is going to repair it. So, head to the hair salon and get your hair trimmed to get rid of those splits.


3    Cutting your hair will make it grow faster.

This myth is just heart breaking. No, it won’t grow any faster when you cut it. I know we all go to get our hair cut with hopes that maybe this is the right hairdresser that will magically make our hair grow faster. Come on! We are smarter than this. Your hair growth depends on what you put in your body. It’s a cycle that relies on the proteins and food intake of your body, nothing else.


Skin myths


1  Toothpaste helps you get rid of zits

You can blame the mint that fills up your toothpaste for that soothing fresh feeling that you get when you apply it on the zit. However, it’s all in your head. It doesn’t do anything to your zit. The mint just gives you a calming sensation even if you apply it on another place with no zits. If you really want to get rid of this zit, go for benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid.


2  Eating chocolates gives you spots

Woohoo! It’s only a myth! We can eat chocolates whenever we want. We still need to watch it, thoug, for our sugar intake not for the acne. Hormones influence acne and spots. This is why teenagers are famous for their acne. We all get spots before our periods, yes, and we all crave chocolates before our periods too. So somehow people linked it creatively together that chocolates gives you acne and spots when chocolates are innocent.


3 shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and darker

Get your razors out, ladies. We can definitely shave. This is just a myth that made us waste time, feel pain and book appointments for waxing. Shaving hair takes out the visible slice of hair, that’s all. So the hair that will grow back will be the same! No magic will happen there. Waxing gets rid of the hair from the roots so it’ll take more time to grow back, and it will be softer since it’s new and fresh. It’s your choice. If you want to save time and keep that tan, then go for shaving. There is nothing wrong with it.

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