9 Times @Sweden_AR Ruled Twitter!

Sweden is a beautiful country; no one can ever say otherwise. This is not the only reason it has been catching our attention lately. We have grown to love Sweden a little extra because of their Twitter account! The official Twitter account for Sweden is extremely  badass. We don’t know the team behind it, but their snide comments and tongue in cheek humor have definitely won us over. Here are our absolute favorite moments for @Sweden_AR on Twitter.


When they Schooled this Unsuspecting User about Arabic


sweden 1



When they Debated with this User about the Correct Transliteration of Google

sweden 2


When their Sarcasm was Very On Point!

sweden 6




When they Said what we All Think when we’re Stuck in A Thread we don’t Care About

sweden 4


When they had to State the Obvious

sweden 3


When they were Done with these Questions

sweden 5


When they had the Perfect Response to this Jokesweden 7


When they had to Break this User’s Heart

sweden 9

(Extra points for his reaction upon realizing his mistake)


When they Openly Tweeted about how Confused they were Regarding Medhat Shalaby

sweden 8

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