9 Thoughts we Have at the End of Ramadan

We love Ramadan. We really do. And we look forward to it each year. It is just that once it starts, we always remember why we got so happy when it was over the year before; because it’s exhausting!

Ramadan is a wonderfully spiritual time where we all get to meet our families and friends. It is also a time where we have more deadlines than regular for no apparent reason, and far less time to get them done in. And since Ramadan happens to take place during the summer this year, everyone is busier, grumpier and more tired.

Now that it’s nearing its end, we know we will miss it, but here are certain things that we just know will happen





Coffee addicts will finally rejoice! The first Eid morning, you make your coffee and start whispering sweet nothings to it. There is a love relationship with morning coffee that is hard to explain.


Breakfast Guilt

You start getting a weird feeling of guilt when you eat something before sunset. It is almost like your body is not prepared to understand that you can now eat in the morning and not go to hell.


No One Has an Excuse to be Grumpy Anymore

Your constantly annoyed neighbor and hangry coworkers will finally relax. People will finally stop attempting to kill one another using fasting as an excuse.


No More Stinky Breath

We can’t control it unless we brush our teeth every 30 minutes, and it’s almost the worst part about fasting. That’s one thing we are definitely not going to miss.


No More Sleepless Nights

We never thought we’d miss our normal sleeping pattern so much! The grumpiness wasn’t only due to the lack of food, but also the lack of sleep. Going back to sleeping and waking up at reasonable times will be a much welcome change.


Watching TV without being bombarded by ads

We are finally going to watch TV with the normal ad breaks. And we’re going to remember what we are watching after an ad break instead of feeling like a goldfish.


Stocking up on Konafa Bel Manga Until Next Ramadan

As much as people have made it sound extremely mainstream, but it is food and it is delicious! It’s one of the things that will make us miss Ramada. And we can’t neglect to mention cream konafa, too. Actually, all kinds of konafa will be missed.


Time to Soak Up the Sun

We’ve been avoiding thirst by avoiding the sun. Thus, we all look like we just came out of an Anne Rice book. It is time to get our tan back on and give our bodies some vitamin D.


No More Iftar Gatherings

Say 3ozouma one more time! We love our families and friends, but we need a break from all of that. We’re fed up with the small talk and sometimes even bad food. 


You know what? As much as we love Ramadan, we’re just glad we survived it.

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