9 Reasons we Loved The Healthy Market at Mountain View!


Mountain View held The Healthy Market event on March 26th, and it made our entire month! The event was as great as you would expect from Mountain View. Here are 9 reasons we loved The Healthy Market.


All Health Conscious Brands Under One Roof

What more could we ask? Delicious brands that made sure our day was as healthy as it was succulent. From Reefy, Formula Onederful to Freshies, Kcal and more, we had so many  healthy options to choose from!

Healthy Market2

Live Cooking Shows

Cooking TV shows are great, but nothing beats the real thing, when you can smell the food being made. We were pleasantly surprised to find live cooking shows by some of Egypt’s most popular TV chefs like Hisham El Sayed from Shabaka w Senara who had his own, very delicious, live cooking station.


Farmers’ Market

Getting fresh goods right out of nature’s hand! The farmers’ market at The Healthy Market gave us the opportunity to buy fresh, delicious and above all healthy fruits and vegetables.


Cooking Class

Not only did we enjoy shopping for food, eating it and watching celebrity chefs show us how it’s done, we got to also learn how to be better cooks ourselves.

Healthy Market3

Live Coverage by El Akeel

When El Akeel covers a food-related project, you know something is going right with it! The hardcore foodie Mourad Makram was there, trying the many delicious foods available there.


Kids Zone by Leap

Children were bound to get bored when their parents were busy with all the distracting activities. That’s why Leap stepped in and made sure the children had as much fun as the adults. There were swings, play sets, trampolines, activities for children and much more!

“For the first time in Egypt 1.4K people attended the event, exceeding the 1.2K who registered as “going” on Facebook”

The Incredible Turnout

As if we needed proof this was a huge success. For the first time in Egypt 1.4K people attended the event, exceeding the 1.2K who registered as “going” on Facebook.


Chilly Atmosphere

That day was particularly cloudy, and that cloudy weather made us feel as if we were in a market in Monaco.


The Invite!

The fact that we were invited made us very happy, but it’s also because the invitation itself was amazing! The Healthy Basket was beautiful, full of goodies and it got us so excited for the event and we were not let down by The Healthy Market.

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