8 Worst Journalism Fails this Year

As we wave 2014 goodbye, we must reflect on the year’s events. We must admit, it has been quite surreal to say the least. Nancy Ajram is the face of Man Look hair gel, Mubarak was acquitted and we seem to have misplaced our satellite (seriously). Still, this is no excuse for the ridiculous headlines we’ve seen in Egyptian “media” this year. Here are only 8 of many baffling headlines we’ve seen this year:







1- This Sad Attempt for a Catchy Headline

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do with a pointless piece of news. So, you try to give it a cool, eye-catching headline. It doesn’t always work out for the best.


2- Stalker #1

Serious question now. Why is it “news” that Ghada Abdel Razik went on a summer trip? 


3- Stalker #2

Same question: why is this worthy of our time?


4- This Young Mastermind

As journalists, we get offered plenty of stories, but we don’t have to take all of them. Simply because sometimes, those stories make absolutely no sense. This rule applies to every “young Egyptian inventor” story. No exceptions.


5- Whatever on Earth this is

When we first saw this “scoop”, we thought it was posted from a parody account. It wasn’t. 


6- This Alien Story

A man claims to have met aliens. Not any aliens, but Marvel’s Watchers. Somehow, he is not advised to seek psychiatric help, but is interviewed on television and written about in Youm7. Oh Egypt!


7- This Captain Obvious Moment

ONA is not the only news agency that came out with this godawful headline. Still, it’s no excuse. Not every statement needs to make headlines, especially when the statement says “wear heavy clothes this winter”.


And last, but definitely not least, this gem.


8 – This National Hero

There have been reports that the average IQ in Egypt is 81. We’re inclined to believe that after seeing how easily people believed this pseudo-science sorry excuse of a media stunt. We still haven’t forgotten that the “device” should have been tested/proven to work and Abdel Aty and his team asked for a 6 month extension. We just hope the “media” is there when it fails, so they can explain themselves for supporting it for so long.

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