8 Things Suburb Mums Get Wrong about their Teenage Kids

We’ve all done mistakes when we were young and that means that your kids have their own too. Hiding stuff from you doesn’t mean they’re turning into perverts.Being awake and aware about what’s going on in their private lives can sure help you in knowing what you should do. Teenagers can be very sensitive so try talking to them about what you discovered in a friendly manner so they open their ears to you.

Here are the common things teenagers do and keep from you:

1)      If your teenage kid hides a bottle of mineral water under his/her bed constantly, that’s probably because it contains Vodka.

2)      If your teenage girl’s neck has sometimes a different color than the rest of her skin, that’s probably because she is hiding a love bite with intensive foundation.

3)      If your teenage kid always comes home with red eyes, that’s probably from smoking pot and not from long nights of school projects.

4)      If you think your teenage girl is an introvert or shy person on social media and doesn’t share any of her bikini clad photos or you can’t even see her Wall then you’re probably in her limited friends list.

5)      Clubs don’t usually check IDs and don’t usually serve fresh juice so that drink your kid is holding on Facebook isn’t apple juice.

6)      If your kid usually pierces your ear from his laptop speakers and suddenly stopped that doesn’t mean he started to care, he’s probably watching porn.

7)      If you hear moans from your teenage girl’s room, that’s not necessarily from PMS cramps, that’s probably from being on the phone with her boyfriend.

8)      If you find a brownish sticky cake in your kid’s drawer, that’s probably a piece of hash and not a brownie.


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