8 Simple Rules to Spoil Your Mum on Mothers Day

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Popcorn partners: take your mum on Mother’s Day to a romantic comedy genre or rent a DVD for a family movie like “The Women”, “Marley and Me”, “Cheaper by the Dozen”. Avoid movies and soaps like ‘Step Mum’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ as they only bring strain and teary eyes. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’sif your mum likes those little bling bling ‘charms’, take her to Tiffany’s at the First Mall and make her choose from the best eye candy of Tiffany for a delicate Mother’s Day gift.  

Surprise her:  mums prefer surprises rather than extravagant shoes; so try to organize a small party for her at your home by inviting her mum, your dad and siblings and get her a frosty cake to enjoy while you all give her little gift she fancied at the mall days earlier or Mother’s Day cards. 

Pamper her: book her an appointment at a luxurious spa, if she’s a working mum she will love it! 

Sweet treat:  make her a custom made cupcakes with her name on or order little hearty chocolates with ‘I love mum’ written on, and remember the best things come in small packages. 

Fancy dinner: take her to a fancy dinner or if she is one of those cool mums who prefer Sushi and Shisha, take her to Sequoia and check our ‘What’s Going On’ section for ideas.

Get her encouraged: if your mum has a certain hobby she never practices, it’s time she could have a little time for herself. If she is an art lover, take her to a gallery or a night at the opera. If she always talks about going to the gym but never step into it, get her joined to a ladies’ dance studio or a fun atmosphere gym.

Just go shopping: if your mum is one of those who just enjoy by spending some cash, there is nowhere like spending mother’s day at City Stars, Phase Two. Go check some display windows and remember you could borrow these new items when you need them so don’t complain about walking the whole mall.


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