8 Heartache Wonder Killers

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Tired of mending that broken heart? Try out these amazing tips for getting over him; you won’t believe how fast they will actually work!


1- Yes cry: release your hurt and frustration, but don’t cry all the time till you get depressed. Revel in being human who has feelings and that you were strong enough to be passionate about someone but don’t turn into a melodramatic person. Always remember; if you survived the first day then you will do better the next day and so on. It’s normal to feel pathetic and hide from the world for a while, but it’s not OK to indulge in those negative emotions, feel them, but let them pass.

2- Go philosophical: this is a great opportunity to make up your theories and rationalize the break up, even if your saying absolutely nonsense, none of your friends would mind, you are heartbroken after all!

3- Pretty, pretty me: facial, hair treatment, massage, pedicure, anything will do. It’s a great excuse to pamper yourself. It’s also a very legitimate reason to go shopping like crazy. This will work wonders I am sure.

4- Open your mind: Learn anything new, take an advanced course in your work field and update your CV, work on your skills, read a new book, learn a new language. A makeover doesn’t have to be limited to external features, although it sure helps, but the change from inside will make you feel like a new person. You will challenge your mind and get busy with something; this will take your mind off the break up, the main point here is to get distracted by something meaningful.

5- Go shake it: almost every district in Cairo has a franchise of the coolest Gyms. Exercising releases endorphins in the body, endorphins act like a natural sedative. You will feel better and look better. There are levels of training and places where they have different classes, so you don’t have to run a marathon or lift 50 KG dumbbells to feel that rush of endorphins, you could choose to go to soothing yoga classes or learn new dancing moves.

6- Time for something different? maybe you and your sweetheart used to go clubbing or go to movies, but did you visit the citadel or attended a ballet or a concert at the opera house? You could always do the opposite of what you used to do together, this will give you a chance to meet different people, do different activities and avoid common places and hurtful memories.

7- Pluck up the courage and take the leap: now that the relationship is over, there is really nothing more to do than to accept and move on. Accept that some things are just not meant to be. Realize that you are standing on the verge of a new life.

8- Rebound? Please take a rest: at least for a while, it’s healthy to spend sometime on your own rather than jump into another relationship as a rebound, You will likely make a wrong decision based on the fact that you are used to being in a relationship rather than the suitability of the person himself. Enjoy being on your own, There must be things you always wanted to do, places you wanted to visit and people you enjoyed talking to and never got the chance because your ex didn’t like them.


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