8 Brilliant Sandwiches in Cairo under 30 L.E

When it seems as though the only way the dollar knows how to go is up, and that your pocket isn’t much of a hospitable environment for your cash, we’ll be there listing all the ways of how to please your belly without upsetting your pocket.

1- Hawawshi Sandwich from Zooba 

If there were a taste to the land of Egypt, then this minced meat stuffed into this crispy Baladi bread is it. It is a well-spiced sandwich that should put your rumbling belly down for a nap for a few hours but you better order something to drink because its mouth-watering taste will leave you thirsty.



2- Bikini Hotdog from Smiley’s Grill 

Drowning in barbecue sauce and mingling with pepper and onions, this hotdog sandwich sure is a treat. For a quick lunch break, this goodie will serve as a light meal.



3- Juicy Lucy burger from The Streat  

It is quite small but worth every bite. The size won’t be a problem once you realize it isn’t just fried burgers but rather grilled thick meat. This sandwich fits perfectly as an afternoon snack to keep you energized and full.

Juicy Lucy

4- Shawerma from Abu Ammar 

We can all agree that no one does it better than Abu Ammar, Syrian shawerma can never get old. This sandwich in particular is the perfect reward after an exhausting day. Whether it is Chicken wrapped up in heavenly tommeya or Meat embracing the appetizing Te7ena, you’ll end up a happy person.


5- Veggie burger from Sliders Egypt 

This one goes out to all the vegetarians who have dreaded reading all the previous recommendations. This vegetarian specialty should be a delight. With deeply fried vegetables topped with house sauce it could trick you into thinking you are actually eating real burgers without going through the hassle.


6- Grilled Sausages from Yokal 

Cheap in price but rich in sauce, this will taste exactly like your mom’s homemade well-cooked “sogo2”. It smells yummy and it tastes yummier.


7- Murphy’s Spicy Tuna Sandwich

This guilt-free sandwich is worth the calories. Wrapped up with Sweet corn and Murphy’s special spicy sauce, this baby is exceptional!


8- Kebda Iskandrani from Kazouza 

It’s Beef liver cooked with Garlic-chili sauce and possibly served by Handsome Actor and Restaurant Owner Amr Youssef (if you are lucky enough of course).





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