7 Ways Egyptians Ruin Taraweeh!



During Ramadan, special evening prayers are conducted, during which long portions of the Qur’an are recited.  These special prayers are known as Taraweeh. Taraweeh is one of the most unique things about Ramadan. We choose to go to Taraweeh because we are supposed to spend some quality time with God and have some time to relax and pray, but Egyptians are always there to ruin this special moment.


Kids Everywhere

Once the prayers begin, kids start screaming, crying and looking around for their mothers. This sometimes disturbs people and annoys them. How can you pray when there’s a screaming toddler wrestling the Imam for the microphone?

Fashion show

Fashion Show

Women wait for Ramadan to show off their fabulous wardrobe it seems. People don’t understand that they’re walking into a mosque, not strutting down the runway. It gets distracting seeing the many women insisting on wearing the most expensive brands they have when at Taraweeh.



There is always that one woman beside you who never stops whispering about anything and everything. Whether it be the latest episode of the series she’s following, or another lady you both know, she will want to chit-chat even though it’s not the right time. She’s usually also the same lady making too much noise while praying, interrupting your attention.


Double and Triple Parking?

You can pray and be done with that and want to go home, only to realize you’re stuck because someone is double parked next to you. Not only that, but they’re also praying Taraweeh, so they’ll take forever to be done. When you’re going in to pray, make sure you’re not causing people inconvenience!

Bride hunt

Bridal Hunt

Some old women believe mosques are the perfect places to find brides for their sons. A girl who prays has got to be a pious, good girl who will make her son happy, no? Those women believe it’s fair game to interrupt your praying time to assess your bridal capabilities.


Why does it Have to Smell Like this?

Why do mosques always have to smell the way they do? Islam is all about cleanliness and sometimes we’re reminded, very much, that peoples are in desperate need for a shower when they go to the mosque. That’s just terrible decorum.



Why, oh why, do people have to bring up politics when they’re praying Taraweeh? It isn’t the time or the place at all. Yet, somehow, you keep ending up in a political debate that you got dragged into.





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