7 Types of Sweaty Egyptians you See in this Heat Wave!


With the heat wave that is passing through Egypt and temperatures reaching 45 C we are starting to see different sides of people. Here are 7 types of Egyptian you meet in this kind of weather, you are bound to see them everywhere!

 Sweaty Egyptians

The One who wasn’t ready for the Heat Wave and is Still using his Winter Wardrobe

Egyptians have this thing where their summer wardrobe comes out at the beginning of June. So until then they will use their winter clothes despite the harsh circumstances that we are facing!

 Sweaty Egyptians2

The Unlucky one whose Car Broke Down

These poor victims are easy to find, on the ringroad, Salah Salem, 6 October bridge literally everywhere! Late for a meeting in a suit and tie, its 45 degrees his AC was hardly working to start with and now their late because their car broke down. I don’t know of it gets any worse.


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The One who Cancels Anything that Involves him Moving Away from the AC

You probably won’t see these people and but we certainly know a few. No work, meetings or even friends. This all goes out the window just to avoid facing the heat outside.

Sweaty Egyptians7 

The One who Quit his Life Altogether and is on A Beach Somewhere

We all wish we were this person, you see their photos on Instagram and Facebook and truly envy them!

 Sweaty Egyptians3

The Angry One with a Heat Rash

You probably have one of these people who automatically get angry when it gets too hot, everything and everyone annoys them. Try to stay away from these.

 sweaty egyptians4

The One who’s Drenched in Sweat

We actually feel bad for those people who over sweat, constantly soaking in sweat, carrying extra t-shirts in their bag.

 Sweaty Egyptians5

The Nonchalant One

What heat? It’s summer, what do you expect? This is the one who doesn’t even realize that the temperature jumped 10 degrees over night. They take it very casually and go on with their life like nothing is going on.

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