7 Times you almost broke your Fast!


Fasting isn’t easy, especially during the summer! With Ramadan hitting us June through July, the temptations to almost break your fast become more and more frequent. Here are 7 times we almost did…


When Traffic gets the Best of you

Traffic is bad enough as is, but for some reason it gets worse during Ramadan! People all become irrational daredevils right before Iftar, cutting each other off to get ahead. Your temptation to swear at all those reckless drivers becomes one of the hardest tasks.


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When you almost Lied to your Boss about when you Left Work

It’s hot, you’re fasting, and you hardly got any sleep last night and now your boss left early! Automatically, you leave right after them, but the next day when they ask you when you left work you are in a moral dilemma.



“Accidentally” Taking a Sip during Wodoo2

We would make up an excuse to wash up 5 times a day even if we didn’t have to. It’s that magical moment when you rinse your mouth and can’t wait to “accidentally” let a drop of water slip down your throat. Oops!


 taht saytara

Questioning whether Cigarettes will Break your Fast or Not

For some people, staying away from cigarettes is worse than staying away from water. You come to the point where you start thinking yourself “cigarettes aren’t food. So that makes it okay if I smoke one now, right?”



Waiting for the Morning Gossip Session at Work

Usually the morning coffee comes with a side of gossip! You eagerly rush to work to spill the gossip on what happened last night, until you remember you shouldn’t be gossiping.



Speaking of Coffee…

You start thinking of ways to make caffeine pills that don’t break your fast. Especially during those first few days when all the headaches, sleepiness and crankiness get the best of you.



Giving it all for a Dip in the Sea

Just because it’s Ramadan doesn’t mean we don’t go to Sahel during the summer! Seeing the crystal blue waters and waves crashing makes you just want to throw your bikini on and jump in!

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