7 Things I Learned from my Mila!

There is no end from what parents can learn from their children, especially moms!It’s amazing how every stage in their lives is a new one in yours as well!At first it’s a big shock with mixed feelings of fear, anxiety, love and back to fear again.But as the months go by, you actually start getting the hang of things and loving it as you do.You are now responsible for a little creature’s existence, FOREVER!

That being said, I will now change my tone of voice to a more optimistic one and tell you about the great things I learned from Mila.

  • Giving birth and raising children is one hell of an enriching experience that teaches you not only how to deal with babies or raise them, but also a great deal about yourself as a person.About your capabilities that have been buried underneath and that you thought were never there.It also gives you a broader look on life and puts many things into perspective.
  • My focus shifted from myself to my child. I have become selfless so instead of buying unnecessarythings for myself and splurging on useless items, I am now concentrating on my daughter and I am much happier buying her stuff than thinking of myself first!
  • Surprisingly I now sympathize with all babies and mothers. I used to get really pissed off at screaming babies in bathrooms or restaurants or at mothers who couldn’t control their kids’ noise or behavioruntil I had my share.
  • I have come to understand each and every child I see.A spark flickers each time my eyes meet with a child and we exchange glances and a bond happens and I can read their language now easily and understand where they are coming from.
  • I feel like now there is a bigger cause in life. Everything I learned and everything I want to learn, I want to give it to her. She is the extension of my life. I had a wonderful childhood, but there are always things that you would have wanted as a child and never got for one reason or another. Not only material things but maybe love, understanding, a special bond with your parents, special trips or memories. I want her to be the better version of me.
  • Mila taught me the importance of a warm and stable home. Now that there is a child, there has to be ahealthy home cooked meal everyday and a real warm home where you practice rituals, traditions and celebrate holidays. You develop new sacred family ties and special gatherings with your small family and those are times I cherish and appreciate very much.
  • Mila taught me about love more than anyone ever did. She taught me how to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally without any expectations from neither of us. I bub you Mila El Gamila.

Happy 7th Anniversary What Women Want!

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