7 Signs you’re an Airhead

Some might call us out for using a term that might be a little too harsh. However, we use “airhead” to describe an individual with scarce intellectual interests, a narrow mind and the depth of a rain puddle. So it’s only fair. Don’t get us wrong; we try not to judge! And we encourage you not to, as well. Yet, we completely understand if you can’t cope with them. If you can cope with them and are worried if you’re one of them, fear not. We’ve got a list of telling signs that you’re an airhead.
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You think knowledge is pointless

We’re not talking about the kind of knowledge that you get at school. Some airheads are straight A students. What we do mean, however, is the knowledge one gets from books, research and experience. An airhead will not care about that. Plenty of them will cite that reading is for boring people.

Looks matter than anything else

No, really, nothing is as important as looks. For example, finding the perfect outfit is more important than being on time for an appointment. And it’s okay to disregard your comfort – and health – and wear heels on a long flight. Things like health, comfort and punctuality don’t matter when you’re an airhead.

You’re a bully

One of the easiest things to notice about airheads is that they are insecure. This insecurity manifests mostly in the form of bullying. When they are young, they will bully their schoolmates who are different. As they grow older, they will continue to bully anyone who intimidates them.

You don’t mind that people think you’re dumb

Part of being a true airhead is to be okay with others treating you like one. You won’t mind when your tech-savvy friend refuses to explain how a gadget works, because “you won’t get it anyway”. And you’re okay with your boyfriend excluding you from anything work-related. It’s too complicated for you.

You rely on your looks

You rely on them so much, that you don’t mind if you get a job solely because of your looks. You’re okay with the fact that your only asset is your beauty. Answer us this, please. How are you going to get a job when time catches up to you?

You make fun of those smarter than you

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Well, not necessarily smarter. They just spent more time learning things. And you don’t get it. You don’t understand why anyone would bother to learn things that they’re not forced to learn. You find it pathetic that they enjoy knowing things. And you make sure to remind them of that whenever you can.

You stick to the “Mean Girls” code

We’re not just talking about that one film in particular. There is an entire culture for girls like that. These rules include – but are not limited to – the following: Choose a less attractive maid of honor, pick your boyfriend over your friends, maintain appearances, gossip… etc.

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