7 Easy Ways to Detect a Female Driver

Making fun of women’s driving has been overdone for decades. You will find that even the most liberal men will still say that women can’t drive. Their justification will be that women wreak havoc on the road. We have come to the conclusion that this happens only because women drive by the rules; something which plenty of men don’t know how to do. If you are just sick and tired of women driving correctly, we can help. Here is a list to help you recognize – and avoid – those obedient devils.


She will not let you merge into her lane

Why should she? It’s her lane! Plenty of men think it’s clever to keep switching lanes. As if this will get them to their destinations any faster! Sometimes, those men will try to get into a lane occupied by a woman. And since she abides by the rules of the road, she won’t let him. When this leads to an accident, I bet you won’t hear him say “I was switching lanes. It’s my fault”. Instead, he’ll shout out of his window “F***ing women!”

A two lane street can’t magically turn into three lanes

So, no matter how long you keep your hand on that horn, a woman won’t let you through. Because once she does, you will squeeze your car between the two in front of her! This will not help you go home faster. As a matter of fact, it will only contribute to the congestion of the road. Just wait, like everybody else.

Women aren’t mind-readers, use your signals

And if you don’t, you can’t complain about an accident that you caused. Pulling over to the right? Signal to the right. It’s that simple. A woman’s inability to predict your driving is not her fault.

Women don’t regularly engage in action films car chases

This is why cutting a woman off is probably not the best idea. A woman can drive fast, but she will follow traffic law. Men, however, will sometimes cut a woman off. If she doesn’t react fast enough – or is too nervous to react fast enough – a collision might be the result. In this case, the accident will be considered her fault. If her mind wasn’t drifting to girl land she might have been able to see him cutting her off. How rude of her to not let him through!

This is a U-turn, not a roundabout

No, really, you’re blocking everyone’s way. This almost always happens during rush hours. People will decide that waiting is for sissies and bypass all the other cars waiting for their turn. This, naturally, blocks the way for the rest of the street that’s not going to take the U-turn. A woman will be stuck only because others don’t want to wait like everyone else. Any complaints from her side will be dismissed as “just another woman who can’t drive”.

No, you can’t drive on the shoulder

No, women won’t let you pass so you can drive on the shoulder. Because a few meters from here, you will try to cut everyone off so you can get back on the street. You are not smarter than everyone else. You are definitely not doing something that no one else considered. Others have through about driving on the shoulder. They then dismissed the idea as both silly and rude. A woman won’t let you pass so you can drive on the shoulder. She doesn’t have to.

The right lane is made for slow drivers

Even if it’s the highway, someone who wants to drive slowly can do that in the right lane. Plenty of women do that. The problem is there will always be someone who wants to drive faster than that. Instead of avoiding the right lane, they will honk and yell. They’ll ignore that this lane is made for people who want to drive at 60kmph on the highway. Incomprehensibly, if they couldn’t stop in time and got into an accident, they still might try to blame it on the women!

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