6 Underrated Beauty Products!


Johnson’s shampoo and conditioner: You can either spend hundreds on various hair products that promise chemical-free formulas, or use the misjudged baby products and get the same job done.

Nivea crème: Remembers that thin blue tin granny’s always carried around? Well they did that for a reason. It’s the perfect all-purpose cream and it comes in a gazillion sizes.

Yasmina nail polish: It takes long to peel off and it has a variety of color collection!

Luna lip balm: Forget Chap Stick and Labello, Luna lip balm has been around for as long as we can remember, and it never failed to the job for a very affordable price. We recommend for a first kiss too!

Q-tips: They’re supposed to be for ears, but my God they can do so much more. Dip them in makeup remover to remove mascara strays, or stuff a bunch in your purse instead of brushes for quick touch-ups.

Rose water: One of the greatest and oldest beauty secrets Mother Nature has to offer. Its acne fighting and skin calming properties make it an essential addition. Dab cotton in the good stuff and use all over your body.

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