6 things Egyptian economic housewives don’t throw away

It is no longer a matter of social classes or job statuses; the economic crisis has hit everyone and anyone. And whilst banks consider drastic measures and huge corporates apply stringent financial strategies, as far as households are concerned, mothers remain a vital variable in the equation. Although many of the simple gestures housewives make only seem to save a few pounds here and there, they can really be the key to stretching salaries until the end of each month.

Packets - Ketchup

  • Never throw away Ketchup packets

In almost every Egyptian home, there is a corner of the fridge dedicated to these extra ketchup packets that come along with food orders. And as they accumulate, you know that a time will come when you’ll need them.

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  • Reuse Jam jars, “Halawa” Boxes, and glass juice bottles

Jam jars most likely end up as pickle jars, Halawa Boxes as tubs for leftovers, and glass juice bottles as water bottles. Every Egyptian family has a kitchen full of re-used containers to the point where it has become a proud part of our national identity!




  • Use old pieces of clothing in cleaning and polishing

Mothers can always foresee some sort of usage to their kids’ old torn t-shirts or underclothes. So, it is no wonder if they end up amongst cleaning tools later, they are always well employed and highly beneficial.

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  • Never throw away the older child’s clothes

It will probably fit the younger kid perfectly once he is a bit older, but if not then it must be of use to a cousin or the niece. If your child outgrows his outfits, it is time to pass on the legacy. But the real brilliance lies in keeping clothes in good condition no matter how many years’ pass, and that is a momma specialty!



  • Fill Quality Street boxes with everything other than chocolate

Sure, it disappoints your child who was looking forward to some mouthwatering chocolate when he opened it, but the empty tin just works so perfectly as a sewing kit case. Re-using a Quality Street box is a habit that seems to goes way back to our ancestors!

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  • Always keep the plastic bags after any shopping

Every housewife has a drawer for plastic bags, because well you almost need bags for everything! You need the supermarket plastic bags for garbage-throwing and you need the clothing store bags for when you want to pack or move anything around.

Some of these tricks might seem slightly “too economic” or “money-oriented” for people who feel shy about emphasings on cutting down daily expenses. But there is absolutely no shame in fully comprehending the challenges that come to us every day in the form of unpaid bills and ever-growing dues. There is absolutely nothing embarrassing about recycling your products. In fact, this is to all the heroic housewives, mothers, and women out there who are constantly occupied with their families’ best interests: There is nothing wrong with economic, economic is intelligent.


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