6 Reasons why you shouldn’t add your Boss on Facebook

Social media is a huge part of our lives now. And some social media websites are more personal than others. For example: it’s almost never a good idea to add your boss on Facebook. You’ll suddenly notice that the lines separating different social interactions are blurred. Are they now your friend? Can you really be yourself around them? Or are you going to be judged professionally based on your Facebook profile? Some people are lucky to have bosses that know how to separate between work and play. If you’re sure your boss is of this kind, feel free to add them. If not, keep reading to know why you should never add your boss on Facebook.


Bikini Alert!

If you work at a place where you have to dress formally all the time, this will be an awkward situation. They’ve never seen you in a carefree setting before. And now they’ve seen a photo of you that makes casual Friday look like a black tie event. This will not land you in trouble as much as it will make you – and your boss – feel awkward.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Let’s face it, we all swear sometimes. Facebook is one of the places where it’s more or less socially acceptable. At least it is, if your boss can’t see it. If your boss is an older person, they might have some reservations on your usage of F bombs. Reactions may vary from commenting on your post, to discussing it in the next meeting.

No more political rants

What if you’re a revolutionary and your boss isn’t, or vice versa? No problem! People don’t talk about politics at work – or at least they shouldn’t – anyway. You get to express your opinion freely on the internet anyway. Well, not if your boss is on your Facebook. First, you will ignore each other’s political posts. However, eventually the inevitable will happen and you two will get into a heated debate. The morning after will be more awkward than all of your pre-teen years combined.

I need to call in sick – fake cough –

This can only happen if you’re really careless. If you decide to ditch work and go out instead, try not to post about it. If you’ve got a severe tonsillitis, how come you’re posting outfit of the day photos on Instagram? Pictures of you at the movies, café or concert are also a dead giveaway that you’re not actually sick. Think before you hit “post”

Do not complain about work

At least not in your Facebook status updates. Also, that super hilarious post about annoying managers won’t sound so funny to your boss. No matter how democratic your boss is, they won’t be flattered when they feel like you die a little inside every time you step into the office.

You are what your friends post

Even if you manage to avoid the two previous points, sometimes your friends will get you in trouble. If they share a funny comment you made about how much your job sucks and tag you in it, you’re in trouble. If you go out with them when you are supposed to be on sick leave and they tag you in pictures, you’re probably fired.

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