6 Reasons why you Have to Follow Mahmoud Albezzawy on Twitter

Actor and writer Mahmoud Albezzawy has brought us so many joyful moments thanks to his incredible talent. He’s proven to be an excellent writer over the years. He has also demonstrated how much of an immensely talented actor he is with a diverse array of roles. He has been on Twitter for only a month now and we can’t believe how much of a natural he is! It’s almost like Albezzawy was born to be on the Internet. Here’s why you should be paying attention to everything he’s doing on Twitter.


He Perfectly Knows how to Turn himself into a Meme

bezzawy 1

You have got to respect a man who knows what’s a good meme and what isn’t. Mahmoud not only knows that, he knows how to capture a trending joke perfectly using his previous roles.


He Tells all kinds of Great, Impressive, Information about himself

bezzawy 2

Not everyone knows Mahmoud Albezzawy is more than a talented actor, but also a gifted writer. While not exactly boasting, Mahmoud still lets his followers know that he’s got more tricks up his sleeve.


Epic Movie Quotes

bezzawy 3

It’s difficult to quote yourself from a movie and not sound arrogant, but Mahmoud does it so effortlessly. Some of his tweets contain hilarious quotes from his movies and we love it!


He knows how to make a “Young” Joke

bezzawy 4

We all know that more mature comedians aren’t always popular with the younger generation, but Mahmoud Albezzawy knows how to make a joke that appeals to all audiences, especially that of the Internet.


Knows how to make himself the Butt of a Joke

bezzawy 5

It’s one of the most graceful things a comedian can do! When his character’s love advances were rejected in Grand Hotel, he tweeted about being friendzoned. Class!


Knows how to Jump on the Bandwagon

bezzawy 6

With the whole world buzzing about Pokemon Go, Mahmoud wouldn’t let this chance pass by without making a memorable tweet. His is one of our favorite Egyptian Pokemon jokes so far!


We hope to see more of these hilarious tweets soon. Keep them coming!

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