6 Reasons We Were More Sociable Before Smart Phones

We can’t deny the power of technology and how it makes our life easier, technically. Instant communication saves time and lives, but in this fast paced world, technology has made it hard to become as intimate as before in terms of social engagement.


1)      We were more sociable on birthdays and special occasions. We used to sit next to the phone and receive calls from friends and loved ones. Nowadays, a text has become enough and people smashing your FB wall with 3 word greetings are the best that you can get.

2)      Phone calls were more valuable than today. We didn’t just text to say what we need and that’s it, we used to ‘talk’ first and ask about each other then make our requests.

3)      We used to buy pretty cards on birthdays and special occasions. These cards were really cute and we love it when we find a hidden one in our drawers from the 90’s.

4)      Invitations were much better and more creative. We used to make a beautiful effort custom making invitations for our birthdays andparties.Nowadays, we broadcast a message to our contact list or create a FB event that hardly anyone follows through from the piled up notifications and requests.

5)      Love letters weren’t as cheesy as we might think. They are great memories of your relationship phases and remind people of their younger self.

6)      Photo albums and photo frames were beautiful back then. We used to make an effort to print out photos of summertime and silly slumber parties and buy a pretty frame for them. We used to have photos of our dear loved ones next to our bed or on our desks. Today, photos are scattered on our desktops, phones and FB pages. And with a little click away, they are forever gone.

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