6 Design Pieces That Never Go Out of Style















1)     The Chesterfield Sofa

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This classic sofa is no longer just the quintessential men’s office piece. With its tufted buttons and recognizable lines it will always be the contemporary home’s ‘go-to sofa’. Opt for velvets and linens with your upholstery to create a warmer more updated feel or stick with the “oh -so classic” leathers to keep it true to its English roots.


2)     The Wing-back Chair

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Originally created in this shape to keep the cold wind away from the person sitting in it, the wingback chair is the ultimate comfort piece. It’s over sized shape and incredible versatility have madeit a design staple.  There have been so many variations created of the 17th century original that you will no doubt find the style and shape that suits your taste and décor.


3)     The Tufted Headboard


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There is a reason you have been seeing these everywhere recently. Tufted headboards are at home in every interior from contemporary to modern and even classic French.  Do not be afraid to make this all-purpose headboard your own with a pop of color in bright colored fabric or sophisticated neutrals for a modern edge.


4)     The Gilded Mirror

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Every room in your house could you use a beautiful mirror and gilded mirrors have stood the test of time. They can be incorporated into any décor to create an eclectic look; as well any room from your entry ways to bathrooms to add an elegant touch.  In recent years they have increasingly become popular grouped together and re-painted in colorful and shabby chic finishes creating fabulous wall art.


5)     The Chest of Drawers

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The practicality of a chest of drawers is undeniable, with plenty of storage space and fantastic potential to be re-painted, re-finished and even upholstered it will never go out of style.

A chest of drawers is perfectly at home in bedrooms but can be beautifully unexpected used in your dinning room as a fun sideboard /buffet or even in your living room as a media cabinet.


6)     The Patterned rug

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Think back to your grandparents’home: how many patterned rugs were used in the décor? Yes! They were everywhere and there is a perfectly good reason for that. Rugs spread warmth and coziness in any room, now add some beautiful colors and a great pattern to that feeling of warmth and you have an incredible style piece.  However do not feel like you mustsettle for old-school floral designs in traditional blues and reds. Today rugs have been modernized with flashy colors and geometric designs to suit even the most modern of interiors.



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