6 Beaches you can Travel to that are Not Sahel!

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Traveling each weekend to the North Coast has become the summer ritual for most of Cairo’s inhabitants. Enjoying the cool summer breeze and clear blue beach is essential, but with the overcrowded beaches and the party scene that took over the North Coast in the past couple of years, we sometimes need a break from our break. This is when those beaches come in. You’ll find that they’re just as beautiful, and in addition they’ll also offer some much needed tranquility.



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As traveling distance goes, it’s completely worth your time to hit the road for the breathtaking beach of Nuweiba. Not much goes on in the city itself, as the main attraction is the sandy strip of land overlooking the crystal clear water. The accommodation there is not only bungalows and huts as many would think, but it varies between camps, hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s, camping spots and many other options. It is one of the few places that hasn’t been corrupted by modern civilization yet.

Recommendations: Moon Island, Crazy Horse, Habiba Camp and Kum Kum 3.



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Magical, mystical, enchanted are few of the words that can describe Taba’s beaches. You won’t believe you’re still in Egypt from the first glance of this beautiful rocky hideout.

Alongside the same shore of its sister Nuweiba, Taba is one of these places that will get you thinking about your early retirement plan. Trust us, after spending some time in this little piece of heaven, you will never want to go back.

Recommendations:  Morgana Beach, Dessole Holiday and Tobya Boutique Hotel.



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Yes, yes we’re still in Sinai, but what can we say? We can never get enough of this gorgeous piece of land. Dahab, the city of blue, famous for its diving spots and water sports, but there is a lot more to this city than meets the eyes. Days spent basking in the sun and nights spent partying until dawn, what’s not to love?

Recommendations:  Bedouin Lodge, Christina Residence, Blue Beach Club,Ras Abu Galum


El Gouna

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“Now you can have it all” should be the slogan for El Gouna. There it’s all about the state of mind, you dream it and the city will make it happen. There is always something new to experience with the manmade lagoons that stretch all the way into the horizon and the friendliest people you can ever meet.

Recommendations:  Zaytouna beach, Moods and Mangroovy Beach


Sahl Hasheesh

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It’s time to get fancy! Sahl Hasheesh is only 4km south of Hurghada International Airport. For people who want to have an unforgettable holiday in an exceptional location, in addition to awesome pampering everywhere. There’s white sand, blue sky and crystal clear water, need we say more? It’s definitely worth your money and time.

Recommendations:  Old Palace Resort and Azzurra


Berenice (Aka Baranis)

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Release the adventurer within! Berenice, aka Medinet-el Haras, used to be a seaport in ancient Egypt. Being there does give a whole new meaning of being one with nature with unspoiled landscapes, perfect diving spots, health spas and even bird watching. You will return a changed person who is more at peace with life.

Recommendations:  Kite Village Caravan Camp, Berenice Villas & SPA and ORCA Dive Club

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