5 Traps to Avoid in the Pre-Wedding Stress

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5 Things a BRIDE-to-be should definitely NOT do:

  1. Don’t make your bridesmaids wear silly dresses. Yes, they love you but that is no reason to make them look like losers just because you are getting married! Agree on a color and let each one have her own dress matching her style and personality. It will look great having a bunch of girls wearing the same color!
  1. Don’t obsess about minor details. No one really cares if the diameter of the centrepiece is 50cm instead of the ordered 60cm. No one really cares if the chocolate on the tables has almond crunches or butterscotch in it and no one really gives a rat’s behind if the apricot satin napkins are the shade of the invitation font. These are minor details brides often waste precious moments over and risk huge fights for nothing. Relax and focus on the overall set-up, the music and the food.
  1. Don’t think that getting married is about the wedding only as like any good party it flies in a glimpse and all the nasty things said and done pre-wedding will linger heavily in the air.
  1. Don’t stress on your groom to dance on the wedding, some guys just don’t feel like Justin Timberlake. As long as he shows up for the first dance let him have fun his way. I am sure that you and your friends will have a blast on the dance floor without a forced-to-dance groom!
  1. Don’t tell everybody to come at 9pm sharp while you know that you will never make it before 11.45pm! Not nice!


5 Things a Groom-to-be should also definitely NOT do:

  1. Don’t interfere in the wedding preparation, this is bridal territory and boy will she defend her stake! So just agree on the budget and let go of all details. I bet you don’t really care about all these flowers and make-up horror stories as long as the DJ plays some good music and you have enough booze.
  1. Don’t show that you are not really interested about all this decoration crap. Brides can smell indifference from afar and although they prefer you NOT to interfere, it does not mean that you can show indifference! There is this thin red line that you need to be aware not to cross.
  1. Don’t speak your mind. When your bride asks you if you want five or seven layers, you answer with a question: what do you prefer honey? That’s a point collected for something you actually don’t give a damn about.
  1. Don’t involve yourself into bizarre discussions on invitations, accept the fact that your name will be written in italic Book Antiqua on a off-white (not crème!) card with little princess like charms. Invitations are the written form of inviting someone special to take the time and share this moment of joy with you. Of course invitations are not just bought from any shop, NO, they have to be unique and posh and therefore cost a fortune. I am sure that since you have been getting invited to weddings you never even bothered to open the envelope or pick it up from that friend who volunteered to deliver them. But you showed up at the wedding! This may count for you but not for your bride!  Get over it!
  1. Don’t ever tell her that she is getting on your nerves. Listen to the stories she is telling you; why don’t you play some FIFA (mute!) while she empties her mind about the wedding decorator, it will pass!
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