5 Tips to Reduce Sibling Jealousy with a New Baby in the Family


For nine months the bun was in the oven and your first born excitedly asked you for the whole forty weeks when the baby is coming out. Finally, the baby is here yet the excitement of your first-born is suddenly altering into emotions that reflect “I did not sign up for this” rather than sheer joy of having the long yearned for sibling. There are some basic tips that make life just a little bit easier for all of you.



1)      Take a framed Photo to the Hospital:

Keep a framed photo of your first-born in your hospital room, once your child comes in they will see it and be happy that they are part of your attention and don’t have to worry about their place in the family.


2)      The Baby got you a Present:

It may sound silly or weird but it works all the way. Buy a nice present for your first-born and keep it in the hospital, when the baby arrives your child gets to open this present, which the baby brought along.


3)      You are the older Sister/Brother and you can help:

Involving your child with the baby is important. Stop telling your child not to touch the baby, it may sound difficult in the beginning, especially if you see you baby being smothered like a doll but try to control it. Your child can help with the bathing or diaper change by being assigned a small chore to handle. They will feel included and will thank you with good behavior.


4)      The Visits:

You will be getting many visits congratulating you on the new baby. Try to set the timings when your child is at school or sleeping, by that you will limit unneeded jealousy from the attention and the presents for the new baby.


5)      Alone Time with your First-Born:

Very important is to schedule a daily hour or two with your child that is baby-free. Pick a timing where the baby naps and do something your child likes doing with you and give your full attention, without burping the baby or nappy changes.

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