5 Things we’re Expecting from Abla Fahita’s New Show

Abla Fahita is undeniably a pop icon nowadays. In fact, she’s one of our favorite pop icons. She’s funny, clever, independent… and above all, fabulous! The lady-puppet is a single mom living in her duplex with her little girl, Caro, and she is everything you would expect from an Egyptian lady-puppet. Abla Fahita is all lady with her jewelry, hair rolls and dandy outfits. She pays close attention to what’s in, while still keeping in touch with cultural classics. Her new show will premiere on CBC this coming Friday, and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are 5 things we expect to see on it.




Relationship Advice

Abla Fahita has been around the block, and her relationship with her “mar7oum” late husband was – at least according to her – one to be admired. That’s why she’s got some words of advice which she bestows upon us, especially during special occasions, when lovers’ quarrels intensify.



Tips for Single Moms

Abla Fahita is a single mom living on her own with her little Caro in vicious old Cairo, but don’t you let it make you think she’s vulnerable. She is a strong, independent woman who does as she well pleases, and includes her daughter in all of her activities and sketches. She’s an inspirations to all mamas out there.



Fashion Statements

Abla Fahita is sexy and she knows it. Her fabulous dresses are only matched by her fabulous jewelry and her postiche.




Romance (?)

We all know she’s a huge flirt. And we love that about her! Abla Fahita is not ashamed of making the first move. If she likes you, you’ll know, ya Susu.


Conspiracy Theories

Unfortunately, such a strong, independent, and beautiful woman will be targeted. Abla Fahita needs only to write a tweet for people to start analyzing it to the tiniest detail. Notorious Conspiracy Enthusiast, Ahmed Spider has already taken it upon himself to decipher Abla Fahita’s “messages”, and the process was so hilarious even she was dumbfounded. 


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