5 Steps to a Flawless Face

We all want the flawless faces of celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence. However, our skin doesn’t always help us achieve this. The goal here is to achieve perfect canvas. Then perfect canvas is the sole guarantee to the flawless face you’re looking for. So how do we do this?
Here’s how in 5 Steps:
We all need to moisturize our faces. Do not overdo it. Just apply a daily moisturizer that is light in texture and only on places where you get dry skin. 
One more thing, avoid the T-zone as much as you can. The T-zone is the area around the forehead nose and chin. It’s the oiliest area of your face.You don’t want to end up with a shiny face. That’s not the point.
A primer is a relatively new but very important product to be used on the face prior to your make-up application. So what does it do?
A primer prepares your face to gracefully accept the coming products; foundation, powder and everything else. It helps your face form that perfect canvas we’ve been talking about. Furthermore, there are correcting primers. These come in different colors to correct different skin problems like redness. That’s not it. It actually helps your make up stay longer than it usually does. That’s why it’s an indispensable make-up product for all make-up artists.
Correct & Conceal
Corrections are to neutralize. Concealers are to hide. Some discolorations require canceling their color before trying to hide them. So you won’t end up with a third color. For instance, if you’ve got black under eye circles, you need to correct that with a copper or orange colored corrector to cancel that black color, and then conceal it with a slightly light concealer. This way your concealer will never turn into blue or grey. 
I know many of you hate it because it sometimes looks unnatural, but that can be easily avoided. You have to choose the right shade of foundation. Test it on your jaw line before buying it. If it matches the color of your neck, then that’s your shade.
Finish off with translucent powder. Don’t go overboard. It’s meant to remove the shine and help the foundation stay in place not to make your face look whiter than it is. You can do some corrections with dark and light powder. You can use dark powder to narrow the forehead or to minimize your nose and a light powder can help you highlight your cheekbones.
For daily application, you can skip the moisturizer and or primer and use the BB creams instead. They are moisturizers, they give a unified tone to the face and they give a good coverage. It is perfect for day applications. You might have to set it with powder to eliminate any shine.
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