5 Reasons why Mostafa Fahmy is the Sexier Fahmy Brother!

Photo Courtesy of Cairo Zoom


This is an unpopular opinion, but we’re sticking to it. We think Mostafa Fahmy is the cuter Fahmy, have always thought so, and always will. While none of us can deny the appeal of Hussein Fahmy, he is Alragol Alghamed Besalamtu, after all, still, Mostafa Fahmy has this certain charm. Here are 5 reasons why:


He’s Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking

Mostafa Fahmy 1

Look at those eyes, and those cheekbones and that smile! He’s the epitome of handsomeness. Hands down, the most beautiful actor to ever come out of the 1970s.



Did you know that Mostafa Fahmy was also a cinematographer when he first started out? He was a cinematographer until directors felt like it’s such a waste to keep this kind of good looks and talent behind the camera.


His Resume is Impressive

The man has participated in a whopping 129, maybe even more, works of art! Mostafa Fahmy’s legacy in the world of cinema and TV makes him a living legend.



Would have made a Fabulous James Bond

Mostafa Fahmy 2

If only this country knew what was good for it, we would have employed Mostafa Fahmy’s effortless charm and innate elegance and grace and created our very own secret agent films.


Aged like Fine Wine

The man has still got it! He’s 74 young and we love him for it. A man who truly knows how to enjoy life to the fullest is a man we admire. Thank you, Mostafa, for showing us that it’s possible.

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