5 reasons why coconut oil is a must-have this Ramadan

1) It helps you burn fats:

If you are wanting to burn of the weight from eating all those unhealthy iftar treats, coconut oil is your go-to. It contains fatty acids that have a strong effect on metabolism and can facilitate weight loss.

2) It gives you a younger look with healthier skin:

Need to protect your skin from the hot summer sun? This wonder oil can serve as a sun screen as well as a smooth moisturizer for dry skin and a face cleanser. It works as an effective substitute for all your expensive beauty products. All you have to do is apply it in small amounts regularly.

3) It increases cell regeneration:

Feeling tired this Ramadan? Well you don’t have to look tired! Regularly applying coconut oil speeds up cell renewal.

4) It lowers risks of heart disease:

We all eat a few too many squares of Basboosa, so make sure you are protecting your body from the consequences! Composed of saturated fats, coconut oil increases  helps protect against heart disease.

5) It gives you healthy luscious hair:

With all the gatherings you’ll be attending this month, you want to look your best! Create your own homemade coconut oil shampoo with fast hair penetration.

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