5 Photographers and a Hairstylist with 100K Instagram Followers aren’t a Guarantee for a Fairytale Wedding!

As cliche as it sounds, every girl has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was little. Sure, the perfect most talked about fairytale wedding. Well, it’s never about the amount of blood and sweat spent into this wedding, it should be more about the creativity that results in confidence that make a wedding memorable and beautiful. Egyptians are starting to take their weddings seriously and this went far from the regular champagne and confetti. Now you have the infamous makeup artist and the vanguard photographer who enter with an entourage of assistants who jam pack your dance floor. Here are things that cost way too much and always go unnoticed:


  1. The Extra Large Centerpieces

Spending so much on the rare flowers that you need in the centerpieces, plus the crystal vase, plus the extra little flowers on the side… we could go on and on! The only thing we really notice about the centerpiece is that it’s so big we can’t see the person on the other side of the table! Your centerpieces could be something simple and minimal, that adds up to a more elegant wedding.

“If it were chicken or beef no one would wonder where the salmon’s at!”

  1. The Salmon and Shrimp Appetizer

As Egyptians, salmon isn’t really our thing. So we don’t understand why every single wedding offers the smoked salmon appetizer. If it were chicken or beef no one would wonder where the salmon’s at!


  1. The Extras

The luxury “kosha” of course! We can’t understand why you would invite a few hundred people and go sit all by your lonesome on a stage far away. The excessively large chandelier in the middle of the room that nobody sees is also an unnecessary extra. And no one will notice the tulle curtain that you must have around every table that by the end of the night becomes something people wipe their hands on.


  1. The Veil

The veil is one of the most important things at those weddings. If you ask the bride where she got her veil from she will tell you a whole story about it. It will probably be from a foreign country far away, made by blind nuns. It will never be an ordinary veil. And again no one will notice, they will just end up stepping all over it by the end of the night. You can get your veil made at any ordinary “khayata” and it will cut the price – at least – in half.

“All you need is people that understand what you want and make you feel comfortable.”

  1. The Makeup Artist & Hairdresser that have 100K Followers

The new trend is that makeup and hair must be done by a famous makeup artist and hairdresser. It’s your big day; you don’t need someone with 100K followers to make the day special or for you to shine! All you need is people that understand what you want and make you feel comfortable. Take the time to do some research and find the one who suits your style most.


  1. Louboutin Heels

God forbid the bride buys any shoes other than the famous Loubis! That red sole must show in all wedding photos. However, by the end of the night your feet will hurt so much you’ll throw them off and put your sneakers on.


  1. More Photographers than Guests

We can’t deny that the photographer is one of the most important people in the wedding. They document every special moment, but that doesn’t mean you need four photographers and their eight assistants crowding up the wedding. Find one photographer that you feel comfortable with, explain your priorities and what you want and that should be enough!


  1. The Venue

The family’s prestige all depends on which venue they choose. Nothing less than a 5 star hotel will do! We lost count of how many times we’ve been to that same ball room. It feels like same wedding; different dress. You can spend the same amount of money and create something more special, like a destination wedding.


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