5 Facebook Groups for Women You Need to Join

Have you ever looked for a specific product, asked everyone around you, and still got zero intel? Have you ever needed a little motivation from people who share similar stories as you? When your Facebook feed gets a little dull, these 5 Facebook groups will be your safe haven & escape. They don’t just help women, they aim to inspire them too!

1. Cai Women

Cai Women Facebook Group Photo
Cai Women Facebook Group Photo

If you’re a Cairene woman looking for a place to get inspired, Cai Women is the Facebook group to join.  Its members are women who aspire to help each other grow & flourish. If you want to  inquire about something,  need help finding anything, or are looking for new work opportunities, this is the place to be! 

2. Life Saving Tips

Life Saving Tips Logo

The name of this group is self-explanatory, everything on there is truly life-saving!  You’ll likely find things you didn’t know to look for. It’s all about helping Egyptian women helping each other by sharing tips & tricks on how to navigate life and more!

3. Working Moms Egypt

Working Moms Egypt Logo

No matter how many books you’ve read on how to juggle the perfect life, nothing compares to the comfort of knowing someone out there shares your struggle.  Working Moms Egypt is a group designed to help working mothers share their experiences, tips, and helpful ways to support one another! Parenting is no easy task and the world can be unkind sometimes. This is why all women need this group.

4. I Make This

If you need a place to channel your inner entrepreneur / business-savvy side, I Make This is the group to join! Created by women for women, I Make This is a place to advertise, seek support, and hear amazing stories about women making their dreams come true in Egypt. If you need a push to kickstart your career in business, go join now!

5. Entreprenelle Hub 

The Entreprenelle Hub is your go-to guide for when you need an extra push for your business-savvy self. If you need support, consultancy, or mentorship regarding your services or products, this group will help take you entrepreneurs to the next level!

Asking for help can never go wrong, and these Facebook groups are the perfect place to do so. With the help of empowered, strong, and knowledgeable women,  you will be provided with the support you need to get through life’s trials and tribulations!

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