5 Annoying Family Members you meet during Ramadan!

Ramadan is all about family gatherings, and as much as we love that there are a few family members that we try to avoid! People intervening in your personal life, giving you tips on how to live your life and of course their sarcastic little questions!

 sayem walla zay kol sana copy

“Sayem walla zai kol sana?”

Regardless of how old you are, there will be that annoying relative that will ask you this question at every family gathering! The cringe-worthy “joke” is something we all avoid, but all end up facing.

ya rab neftar fi beitek copy

 “Ya rab el sana el gaya neftar fi beetek”

For all the chicas who aren’t married yet, there will be that aunt (or grandmother, or distant cousin) who wants you to move to your own house, which leaves you wondering where you’re living now…

 mateshrabsh maya copy

“Mateshrabeesh maya sa23a 3alla batn fadya”

The health expert of the family! We’ve been told about this since we were 5 years old, we didn’t listen then and we won’t start now. This same person will also tell you to start with soup and drink a lot throughout the day.

  faker ramadan zaman copy

“Faker Ramadan 3alla 2ayamna?” – fanoos safee7, mosa7arati

The older generation doesn’t think Ramadan these days is anything compared to Ramadan back then. They will tell the same stories every year about the same things that they miss and you have to pretend that you’re interested.

mary mounib copy


“Perfume? Enti keda fatra!” 

There are many things that can break your fast, but your family seems to concentrate on the smallest things! There will always be that family member that sniffs around and then whispers this remark into your ear.

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